Most Moms’ days are jam-packed with whirlwinds of endless activities and household tasks. Moms multitask extraordinarily well; carrying out several household tasks at once while keeping track of their children, the pets and managing to prepare healthy meals and snacks.

Moms Are Busy

Moms are always on the go, taking care of their homes and families, creating safe play and learning areas for their children and making life run as smooth as possible for everyone.

She is our biggest cheerleader, our introduction to art and cooking, especially when she serves food arranged in a smile. No one can dispute that her driving mileage from running errands and ferrying children might just rival those of long-distance truckers.

She never gets a chance to sit because she would rather not be idle. You will find her drawing up lists, knitting, or other household chores. And, some moms are not only caregivers to their children, but also to their parents. It takes a lot of hard work when elderly parents have to rely on wheelchairs when their mobility is hampered. That is definitely when she needs outside help to care for so many. 

So, how can a mom balance her life?

There are only so many hours in a day, and everybody must strike a balance between rest and activity to avoid burn out. Only when you are healthy in mind and body, can you perform tasks effectively?  

Here are just a few suggestions that Moms can adapt to achieve healthy lifestyles.

Me time

Moms always seem to be on the move, carrying out one task after another. Adequate rest-time is required daily for healing and refreshing this wonder-woman. The best way to accomplish this is to create ‘me’-time whenever there is an opportunity.

Turn your hobby or talent into money

Establish a cottage business if you have a talent in baking, interior decor, sewing, gardening, and other crafts. These talents will provide an outlet for artistic expression, as well as generate extra income. Avid gardeners can sell seasonal fresh produce at their nearest garden markets and supply local eateries. Seamstresses can specialize, for instance, in soft furnishings such as pillows and curtains. For the venture to succeed, draw up a business plan, consult trade experts and seek advice from other business professionals such as accountants, a GST Lawyer, web designers among others.

Spiritual and physical health.

Spiritual health is a deeply personal choice that should make you feel comfortable and whole. Different circumstances will raise your spiritual well-being and you will realize the benefits. Try and take a walk in nature or do some yoga and meditation.

Physical exercise is good because it releases endorphins, strengthens the body and is a great stress reliever. Moreover, the health advantages of exercising in combination with a healthy diet are long term and your body might just be able to keep up with your grand-babies.

As unfortunate as this is, some new moms want to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight quicker than is normal or healthy. Many brand-new moms develop eating disorders. In fact, 1 in 8 people have eating disorders in the United States. Living in cities where body image is valued like LA and Miami can be especially triggering for new moms. If you find yourself on the brink of an eating disorder you can find eating disorder treatment in South Florida, Miami as well as top facilities around the country with a simple Google search. Unfortunately, there are a lot out there. 

Go back to school.

Think about upgrading your education and learning new things to develop your self-esteem and equip you with new skills-set. Surrounding yourself with people who challenge your mind and encourage your personal growth is one way to stay up-to-date. Life is constantly evolving and your very important task of helping your children navigate the changing world will be easier when you are conversant with current affairs.

Healthy Moms Raise Healthy Children

Healthy moms are happier, more energetic and creative. Children will copy your lifestyle, and in turn, become healthy parents

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