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How I am Raising My Daughters to be Lovely Little Ladys

How I am Raising My Girls to be a Lovely Little Ladies
(in this not so lovely world)

Do you have little girls? Isn't is crazy scary sending them out into this crazy life we live these days? There innocent little gestures cannot even be appreciated because us “mama bears” have to be ready to pounce the second some creep looks at my 7 year old who could pass as 10-12yr old (and all natural, no makeup nothing like that) her sweet little mind just cannot wrap around why she can't walk away from me in dept stores because of all the evil people just waiting to “compliment” aka lure my gorgeous blonde hair blue eyed beauty to danger (i get chills thinking of all the human trafficking going on) & with her heart being just as gorgeous as the outer, she can't help but buy into the “sweetness cover up”, and my baby girl is just as gorgeous but she will only smile at you, she is in that shyness stage around strangers and I'm not mad about it one bit.

Anyway, raising two beautiful girls in this life takes a lot of work and even more PRAYERS! So here's a list of things I'm teaching them (or trying) and things I'm trying to make sure doesn't happen or they don't have to endure!

  • I am ensuring that no matter what they decide when they are grown, while they are little they will know God, they say their prayers, and I try to point out any time (My oldest) comes to me with a problem, or how something resolved “itself”, how God worked his power. I also try to constantly remind them when facing a decision, problem, or anything above the normal “help” that they seek me for, to ask God and see where he leads them or I'll try to ask them :what do you think God would want you to do?”
  • I make sure they know that learning and being smart IS important and that despite what they may hear or see, Brains is really more important that beauty.
  • On that note, I DO make sure they also  know that personal hygiene is very very important in all aspects & dressing nicely and accordingly is what's good.(not to “show off”but out of respect)
  • Which brings me to when I try to teach them to ALWAYs love themselves, that people will have ( & sometimes tell you) “mean” opinions(not facts) that may at some point hurt your feelings and it will prob happen more than once-esp with middle school coming up for her, but to never let someone's opinion rule nor dictate her self image (like I did) & always know your worth!
  • I tell them how important honesty is and also not placing blame on others. Once the trust is gone it can take a lifetime to rebuild it.
  • I teach them modesty and I teach them(esp 7 year old) to never, ever  ever be afraid to tell me or anyone,she felt she could trust, if anyone and I mean anyone ever made her feel “uncomfortable” and I say that lightly ,but my oldest and I, made sure she knew what I meant.
  • I teach them both to work hard and diligently, that nothing will be handed for them, & in this day and time not to count on a Man doing any of it for you. Of course they get stuff handed to them time to time, they are my babies still, but they know not to be greedy and we are still working on the baby not pitching fits for toys but hey, she is only 2 1/2.
  • I try to teach my oldest patience but I remind her everyday that I'm walking with her because patience is not my strong suit!
  • We try to teach humbleness. Which is very tricky in today's world, but whenever the situation presents itself to show how we could be humble, we do.
  • One thing I believe is very important is teaching giving without return, not only in the Holidays but esp then, take gently used toys to kids in need or goodwill, work at the soup kitchen, there are tons of things to help someone with. No-one is ever better than another and I try not to judge or show my girls judgement because you never know when you could be in the same situation or one just as low and miserable. Help one another, always.
  • I try to teach my oldest not to be a “mean girl” and even though there will be those girls, and they may call you unpopular for talking to the new girl or “weird” girl, your not and popularity will only be a thing you want for what seems like only a moment!
  • And not last (but last for this list lol) I try to tell them, just as my mom did, to not rush life. I know they both will but I pray they wouldn't and that they would cherish this life, because I do and they truly are growing up way too fast!

As scary as it is raising two precious angels today, I wouldn't trade it for the world! They won't understand how much I cherish our makeovers, nail polish party's, those extra hugs, or those sweet, sweet I love you’s until they have their own little girl (or boy) doing those things to her, melting her heart, as they both do mine.
Yes they BOTH know how to drive me up the wall lol! But they also both know how to steal mommas heart!

Momma loves you Maddie & PayPay more than anything!!!

A Blended Momma. @ablendedmomma

Copyright December 2017.

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