How Kids Toys play a big role in Child Development?

Playing is vital for development. It contributes to children’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social well being. Children are naturally curious. A toy, even in its simplest form gives the child the opportunity to acquire new skills. Playing is the most natural and enjoyable form of learning. Playing also presents a perfect time for parents to spend quality time with their children.

Toys Stimulate the Child’s Senses

Research says that using toys designed for sensory stimulation will cultivate life skills and higher learning levels. Using artful design toys with various contrast and colors promote sight development. Toys of different tactile feels encourage your child’s exploration. Language is developed through the sense of hearing. Bells, whistles and, crinkles are some sound toys that support auditory engagement. Reading to your child and singing along with musical toys also encourage language development. Stimulating the sense of sight, hearing and touch help to develop the child’s imagination and dexterity.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Newborns have not discovered hands up to a certain time. They also don’t associate whatever they see to what they do with their hands. Babies start to reach out and examine objects from six months. Hand-eye coordination is essential to master even before this stage. Toys can help develop this tool for your baby. Building blocks are excellent and you may introduce them at four months of age. Sit your baby and build them a stack. Let the child knock the blocks when trying to reach for the stack.

Toys Accelerate Brain Development

Free play builds new circuits in the brain at any age. Variety is great brain stimulus. Use different colors and shapes of toys. Size and shape sorters are excellent for the child's ability to distinguish between objects. Play increases the prefrontal cortex in size. This part of the brain is responsible for solving problems, identifying and regulating emotions, and making more efficient plans. Brain development happens in the early years. To develop your child’s brain to full capacity, integrate play at an early stage.

Toys Promote Development of Social Skills

It is great seeing your child making a new friend. From play dates to sharing toys at the playground, playing attributes to the social skills of your child. As children play they discover new ways to cope with disappointments, learn how to share and express themselves. They are able to tackle problems on their own. It is easy to identify a child’s character by how they behave as they interact with each other.

With all the above benefits, you do not have to break a bank to get the most quality toys, Wetoys, a reputable toy supplier offers great toys at the best prices. They are concerned about the development of your kid.

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