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How long does swelling last after tummy tuck

The tummy tuck surgery is capable of tightening up the abdominal skin and it will eliminate your stretch marks. It is ideal for people who may have lost too much weight and they are dealing with loose skin and other body contouring problems.  When a tummy tuck is being performed, there is a series of incisions that can be made at the lower abdominal region. With these incisions, the structures will be adjusted while the excess skin will be removed. 

Is it common to suffer swelling with the tummy tuck?

The side effects caused by tummy tuck will be the sign that your body has started to heal. The swelling is something to expect always after the surgery.

How long can the swelling last?

Swelling after your tummy tuck will last for a long period because the surgery is somehow extensive. The noticeable swelling can reduce in three months and then swelling and puffiness will remain.  The swelling will diminish completely in around one year.

How to deal with swelling?

If you want to deal with the swelling successfully, you should follow all the instructions given by your surgeon. Always remember to put on the compression garments as has been directed. This will help you to feel better during the recovery and it helps in easing the puffiness and swelling after the surgery.

You should be patient, if you have undergone the tummy tuck surgery since the swelling may resolve itself as time passes because it is a part of the healing process.

Keep up with the surgeon for guidance

It is good if you continue to talk with the surgeon while recovering. This means that you should attend all follow up visits and if you have any concerns or questions, it will be addressed by the surgeon. This is to ensure your wellness and also peace ofmind.

When you are cleared for it, then you should make sure that you exercise and take the right diet to ensure that you do not gain more weight and you stay healthy in general.

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