How Moms Can be Savvy When Shopping High End

When you become a mother, there are some sacrifices you have to make. Say goodbye to free-time, your pre-baby body and, of course, the biggest loss of them all, designer items. The most exciting purchases you’ll make now are cute baby booties and miniature clothing you will decidedly not be fitting into. Between all the essentials babies need, there may not be room for luxury purchases. However, there are some great tips on how to find those designer labels for less that you can use to treat yourself especially in London, the city where so many great things happen and sales can be found.

Shop the Sales

It sounds obvious, but if there’s something very specific you have in mind it’s worth always checking back and scouring the sale to see if it’s finally been reduced. Even if there isn’t a set item, the sale should always be your first port of call for bagging a bargain and designer lines are no different. Be aware it’s not simply about the end of season sales. Retailers also often put on mid-season promotions, as well as great deals surrounding key dates like bank holidays and other seasonal events. You can expect the biggest sales at the end of November for Black Friday and the January sales, which generally start on Boxing Day. These discounts can be anything from 50-70% off and are generally staggered, with bigger savings happening right before the sale ends. And, there are more and more courier jobs around now days because everything is bought online. If you are looking for the best ones look for someone like these London couriers for product packages. They are one of the best at what they do.

Sign up for Newsletters

From 5% right up to 20% off, there is fantastic money off discounts available when you join retailer’s mailing lists. This means you can look to get a huge chunk taken out of your order simply by entering your email. But the tricks don’t end there. Newsletters also mean, yes, you guessed it, you’ll get the latest news. Think gorgeous collection announcements and, even better still, that magical little word ‘sale’. This is also the best place to hear about other special codes. Better still, ensure you enter in your birthday. You never know, a birthday treat might be on its way to you and act as another excuse for that extra birthday present from your partner. Guess offers 15% off when you subscribe to their mailing list, whilst Gant will give you 10% to use on your first order.

Voucher Code Websites

Want to know the latest deals and valid codes? Voucher code websites are a great tool for knowing exactly how and where you can save your money. Whether you want designer items or anything else, websites like Discount Promo Codes have over 2000 stores to choose from. But what about that shopping high-end tip? Have a look at TK Maxx or Brand Attic to see what their ongoing deals are. Both stock big name brands with huge reductions always taken from the original price tag.


Whether online or instore, the word ‘outlet’ may as well be synonymous with ‘savings’ and ‘great value for money’. Visit an outlet store of your favorite retailer and you can expect to find products you love discounted. Whether they’re end of season lines or ex-display, these are still great, sellable products at shockingly low prices. Many designer labels, in particular, have outlet sales on their websites, so it’s always worth scouring for designer pieces you love and benefiting from amazing reductions. Many outlet stores far exceed up to 50% off. When it comes to voucher codes, you may find that most of the time they don’t work on already reduced sale items. However, look out for retailers that offer 24-hour codes that offer extra money off sale lines. Retailers like Boohoo and Urban Outfitters are great examples of this.

Look Up Stockists

Whilst going straight to the brand can sometimes work in your favor, it’s worth looking into where else that designer is stocked. Compare prices and you might even find that elsewhere they charge less for that pair of shoes, bag, coat or whatever it is you’re looking for. Department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser are a great place to start for finding a whole host of much-loved, quality designer brands. It’s also worth looking if you’ve found a designer sale item but it’s not available in your size. It’s likely the sale will be happening in the department store too and that more sizes might be still readily in stock.

Auction Sites

Fancy doing a bit of haggling? Well, you probably won’t have to on online auction sites. That said, it’s always a good idea to have a maximum price in mind and have a good idea of the worth of the item you’re bidding on. The obvious place to start your search is eBay, where there are items, both old and new. There are also sites like Invaluable and Hardly Ever Worn It where you can find gorgeous designer items to bid on and add to your wardrobe in a heartbeat. One quick online search and you’ll likely even find local auctions, too.

Invest in Lifetime Pieces

Yes, that pair of Tom Ford jeans might be the most beautiful piece of denim you’ve ever seen. But be realistic. The body fluctuates, and you may find yourself, full of tears, unable to fit into them anymore. It’s a fact of motherhood. When it comes to splashing the cash on designer goods, buy items that’ll stand not only the test of time in terms of trends and general wear and tear, but that’ll always be a staple in your wardrobe, too. Accessories are a great option for this as you’ll likely never outgrow patent boots or a plush handbag.

Birthing Presents

Let’s be honest, you’ve already gone above and beyond in terms of providing a home for your baby for the past 9 months, dealing with the woes of a backache and swollen feet. Let’s not even get started on how painful the whole childbirth event itself can be. The least your partner can do is treat you to something nice. Perhaps not advisable for your first child when you’ll already be forking out so much money for all those baby essentials. Round two, though? Pass the Michael Kors handbag and Gucci shoes. It’s the least they can do, right, all things considered?

When it comes to designer shopping, it can be a huge expense and a pretty big commitment – after deciding to have children, of course. But a purchase made with careful consideration and only the best showcase of bargain hunting means you could find yourself with that Burberry coat you’ve been eyeing up for years after all. Have a bit of patience and execute our shopping tips for getting the best prices for luxury brands.

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