How Moms Can Choose the Right Fancy Shoes for Their Girls?

Whether you are a mother of a preschool, toddler, teen or grade-school girl, it is always difficult for you to choose the right fancy shoes for her. Fancy footwear is usually used for particular events, including wedding parties, birthday events etc.
Although a variety of fancy footwear is available in the market for preteen and child girls but I am going to share a detailed guide about choosing the right fancy shoes for girls.

Things to Consider While Choose Fancy Shoes for Girls

The mothers of all ages of girls must consider the following things before making a purchase:

Right Fitting

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying shoes for a wedding event or a school party, they should be perfectly fit. Uncomfortable shoes with wrong fitting could become a reason for many problems like blisters, hammer toes, ingrown toenails and much more. Therefore, you should consider these suggestions when it comes to getting correctly fitted fancy shoes:

  • I would always suggest fellow mothers go with straps. These straps could be on the back of the shoes or the top. Basically, the primary purpose of these straps is to give proper support to your preschool and grade-school girls. Withal, these shoes are also an appealing option for teen and preteen girls.
  • Secondly, children’s shoes should be made up of breathable stuff. These kinds of footwear avoid smell, discomfort, blisters and sweating. However, the only concern is about their build. They should be durable.
  • Although it is better if you buy fancy footwear without heels for your little girls under 14 years, but if they insist more, then you can go with boxed and small heels. Moreover, it is also essential to investigate whether the space between the heel and toe should only be 0.5 to 1 inch.
  • Please don’t go with narrow fronts because they poorly compress the toenails, which can hurt kids' nails. Hereof, I usually prefer these round-toe Princessly shoes for girls. It is seamless for little girls to move with round-toed shoes.

Right Material

Mothers should also pay attention to the construction of shoes. Normally, moms should keenly examine the 4 following parts of girls’ shoes:


Mostly mothers ignore insoles when they buy shoes for girls, especially when they buy fancy shoes. So, moms need to have a look at insoles. They should be padded ones to give a comfortable feeling to kids. Secondly, the material of insoles should be soft and absorbent. Typically, toddlers or girls younger than 6 don’t need arch support, but you can choose arch support options if your girl is more than 7.

Upper Part

I know fancy girls’ shoes are all about attractive looks, but mothers must examine their upper part construction deeply. The material of the upper part should be breathable, and it is better to go with leather, rubber, fiber or newer mesh stuff in this regard. Furthermore, you should avoid using options like plastic material when it comes to the upper part of your shoes.


Toddlers and preschool girls don’t need heels. That is why it is better to stay away from heels for girls. However, if your girl is over 10 years old, you can conveniently go with some flat-heeled options, but they shouldn’t be lanky.

Outer Sole

The outer soles of shoes should provide enough support to safeguard kids from different mishaps. Hereof, rubber and polyurethane outsoles are one of the most durable and shock absorbent.

Shoes for Different Ages of Girls

Footwear experts recommend different types of shoes according to the ages of girls. I am also classifying them into the following four categories:

Shoes for Teenager Girls (13+ Years)

If your girl is a teenager, then you should buy fancy shoes that give great support for physical activities. Likewise, sandals with a fancy look with comfortable soles are better for summers, and fancy boots with flat heels could be a good idea for winters. Although you can allow teen girls to use heels for special occasions but these shoes shouldn’t be used on a regular basis.

Shoes for Preteen Girls (9–12 Years)

A good variety of shoes are available in the market for this age group. Fancy pumps with a strap on the top always give a perfect look to these girls. However, sneakers and flat wedge sandals are also considerable for preteen girls.

Shoes for Young Girls (4–8 Years)

Young girls should wear adjustable and breathable shoes at parties. Indeed, princess shoes are always the preference of young girls. However, don’t compromise on heel support. On the contrary, mothers shouldn’t invest a lot in their shoes because these girls grow fast and later, these shoes become useless.

Shoes for Toddlers (1–3 Years)

The best options for a toddler girl are soft soles and breathable shoes that are made up of natural materials. Mothers shouldn’t buy sandals, flip-flops, heels and wedges for these girls.

Pre-Walking Shoes (Birth to 1 Year)

These baby girls typically don’t need shoes. You can use socks to keep their feet warm. Otherwise, booties like these that are made up of synthetic material are also a good choice here.

In-Store Shopping Tips

In-store shopping is the favorite choice of mothers because they always get the right size and desired shoes. However, the right timing is also crucial here. You should visit shoe stores in the evening or night because the feet of kids have swelled so that you can get an accurate fitting.

Similarly, mothers should also pick the fancy shoes that girls can wear other than for special events. Yes, moms can save their money when they go with multipurpose shoes.

Online Girls’ Shoes Shopping Tips

It is only a myth that you shouldn’t buy shoes online. My experience says it is best for working moms to buy shoes online. The only thing that you should measure accurately is the size. You can see different tutorials available on the internet about shoe measurements. 

By the same token, you can find it in centimeters or inches and later find its number in the size chart. This size chart could be in EU, UK, US and Japan sizes.

Hopefully, this article will make my fellow moms aware of how to find the right fancy shoes for their girls. You can also share your experiences and thoughts by commenting below!

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