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How my three year old brought me to tears in Hobby Lobby...

It's amazing how a three year old can bring you to tears. Since post holiday cleanup is done I decided to take Ryan out of the house because we both needed it. It's too cold to go play outside so I was going to take him to the library (they have an awesome kids library where I live), go get breakfast, and then go to one of the indoor play areas.

We get to the library and great. It's closed due to maintenance. Ryan is in the back seat crying and throwing a fit because I tell him that we can't go in. So we go get breakfast and then decide to make a quick trip into Hobby Lobby to look at their Valentine's Day stuff. I am such a pre-planner so I am already trying to figure out what I am going to do for V-Day.

So we're in the store and it comes. The screaming, trying to get out of the cart, throwing his toys on the floor, and everything he can do to make this shopping experience impossible. I pick up his toys and put them in my purse because I am not giving them back just for him to throw them again. I try to give him other things to look at but he isn't interested. I try singing and again he has no interest.

So I figure that I am not going to leave because he is acting this way and will just ignore it. Stares and the compassionate smiles come from strangers who are around to hear everything that is happening. And even a couple eye rolls (really? i'll send him home with you). But I keep on truckin'. We get to fabric and he has calmed down for a couple minutes because the fabrics have caught his eyes.

Finally we make our way to the front to check out (no crying or screams) and I am hoping that will the last of it. Then I stop the cart and he gets mad again. Again he is throwing a fit while the lady checking out in front of me is taking her time and complaining about every price that the checker rings. I am about half tempted to throw in the towel and just walk out of there with no scrapbooking stickers which are needed for the pages I am working on. But that would mean that the whole trip would have been wasted so I wait it out.

Once we are done I walk out and am holding back the tears till I get to my truck. We have had about a week of this and this morning I was frustrated and just tired of it. I mean how much screaming and tantrums can one person take?

I have done everything to try to keep this from happening. I have tried time outs, going to bed early, throwing toys away, spanking, ignoring, and at times yelling back. When Joe is home is doesn't happen and that frustrates me even more. Why does he only act this way with me? Why is it when daddy tells him to do something he does it without hesitation but with me it's a whole different story?

I know that I am a good mom but I hate this. I hate the tantrums and the fear of going to the store with him because I know how horrible he will act. But I don't want to be stuck inside all day either.

And at this age I am not sure how much he truly understands because he doesn't talk to us too much yet. He will say some things like "bath, daddy, mommy, want, cup" and other random words but not to the point where I feel like he knows what I am telling him.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or has anyone else solved this problem?

I'll take any advice that I can get : )

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