How Should Parents Prepare Children Before Vein Viewer Venipuncture?

Parenting is a tough job and most of the times it becomes tougher when your child gets sick. We, as parents are always learning and de-learning things. Parents get agitated and sometime lose their cool. If your kid is all set to have their first lab test and you are worried about them getting pricked by a needle, then don’t be, as we have the right tips for you to guide them on their big day.

Colouring Book

It is best if you let your child carry a colouring book with them before the lab test. You can ask them to colour the books in front of the doctor. In this way, the veinviewer and the kid will establish a comfortable relation. Once, the kid is comfortable after drawing a number of colours on the book, the kid will be ready for the test.

Be Honest

At times parents think it is best to say their kids that the process will be painless. However, the truth to be told, it is better if you tell your kid the reality. You can tell them that the process will be a bit painful, but that they will be able to confront it easily. Try to reassure your kid that the process will be quick and it will hurt but not for long. Try to be there ready to embrace your kid right after the blood draw to praise them on their bravery.

Schedule the Meeting Right

It is also necessary that you schedule the test at a time when your kid won’t be too much hungry or tired. You really cannot ask your kid to go for a blood drawing test after school. It is better if you let your kids to eat right before coming for the test. Unless the test requires your kid to be on fasting, it is better not to keep them starving. And in case your kid is supposed to stay hungry, then it is better that you keep snacks with you to feed them as soon as they get over with the blood drawing process.

Distraction is Best

It is always best to distract your kid from the blood drawing process. Try making them calm and composed and also ensure that they don’t get to see what the practitioner is up to. Try talking to them and distract them with things related to school of friends.

Try to communicate with your kids beforehand and make sure that they know what they will go through with phlebotomy. It will be best if you play games with them and have them stay still during the blood draw. Ask your kid to inhale for three seconds and then ask them to exhale. This breathing exercise will help not just them, but also the veinviewer to draw the blood. 

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