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How the mother of four started her own company part 4

Well I just heard from TXS Industrial Design ( today. I have my new Jar Unit drawings done so I can start the tooling on that and the new bottle dispenser drawings just got released so final tooling can start on that.  I am so happy and feel like finally the light is going to appear at the end of the tunnel.  With new tooling I can produce the products at a price that will not put me out of business which is good obviously...Whew!

We also have heard back from more baby planners and moms groups about our 1% charity campaign.  It continues to pick up speed and I am hopeful that this program will help spread the word about my products and create great press for PRK and its partners.  Moms working with moms; moms making a difference.

PRK also received three raving reviews on from the ones that know best--Moms.  Thank you to The Essential Infant Resource for Moms for working with us!  We wish you the best in your efforts to raise money for struggling clinics in Africa!  Members of The Essential Infant Resource for Moms will be earning money for World Vision International whenever they purchase a Universal Baby Food Storage & Organizer from June 21st to July 21st 2011. 





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