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Sometimes you speak out loud things you should keep to yourself thinking perhaps your spirit will feel more at ease but what ends up happening is you feel worse than when you started. This though should never deter you from working through those bad times, it is overcoming that discomfort that will guide you towards a better path.

Investing time on my plants helps me with these struggles, Do you have a green thumb? I have a Green thumb. I take such pride in plants and get such joy out of watching them grow I love taking on new projects and look forward to the great things I will do when I purchase my own home. I've shared some projects here in the past for example; my Tier planter and my Succulents.

During my 21-day Meditation Challenge the subject came up about approaching Life like a Gardner and I couldn't help but say out loud Yes!, that is such an awesome comparison. I mean what do Gardners do? They plant seeds and nourish them so that they may grow into something beautiful and perhaps even life sustaining. So why shouldn't we follow that same mindset?

The thoughts we entertain are what we are planting and how we deal with those thoughts are the seeds that are growing. 

When I purchase a plant I always look for the one with the most potential, the one that has the most buds and brightest green coloring. I lightly touch the leaves and poke the soil and shack it a bit to see if any leaves will fall. The one that passes my tests lets me know that she was nurtured and that she was willing to cooperate and grow with what was provided for her. Such is life if you are able to still grow even in the toughest circumstances then you will flourish once the storm is over.

As a parent, this is a great approach to take because our little ones go through so many stages. Every stage requires its own specific nurturing technique. Some require less talking and more hands on and others require fewer hands on and more talking. Like plants that require specific amounts of water so that they may grow.

I'm at the stage of fewer hands on and more talking and talking and talking. I'm grateful for this stage and still have days I can't believe how quickly the time flew by. Gone are the days I set the rules and my daughter follows now she sets her own rules and I assist by sharing my perspective and life experience. It's a wonderful stage to find yourself in as a parent, especially if the seeds you planted have been nurtured properly. 

How do you know if you have done just that well let's see, ask yourself the following:

  • did I teach my child to be kind?
  • did I teach my child to be patient?
  • did I invest quality time?
  • were my rules reasonable?
  • did I allow my child to be a free spirit?
  • did I teach my child how to value themselves?
  • does my child know how to be a fair leader?
  • does my child know the importance of contributing to a greater cause?
  • did I teach my child that respect is earned and required in all connections made in life?
  • did I teach my child how to love by setting the examples?

There are so many ways to measure how well we have tended to the Garden that is our child/children. And every family is different and will blossom in their own way but the one common factor should always remain intent and execution. Again, once you have planted the seed, what will you continue to do moving forward to ensure its growth?

This isn't just for parents, it's for all human beings who wish to take part in positive contributions. Healthy relationships and healthy connections don't just happen, they require effort and dedication. A Gardner doesn't just plant one seed, he or she plants many because they are aware that not all will come full circle. Some won't accept what is provided and if they do it just may not be enough. This in relation to our thoughts is why positivity must always be encouraged and nurtured. Bad experiences shouldn't be entertained for too long. Instead, we should try:

  • remembering that life is to be shared
  • embracing that one negative experience can become a positive lesson
  • focusing on learning daily, never too late to create your best life
  • finding our purpose, the why in our existence
  • sharing more Hope
  • laughing more and frowning less
  • creating instead of just watching

What seeds have you been planting? What would your "garden" look like if I went over for a visit? Share your thoughts.

Always stress-free xo,


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