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Nine Style Tips to Make Grooms Look Their Best

Everything has to be perfect in a wedding. And I mean everything. The location, the food, and even the bride herself…

Benefits of the Palo Santo Tree

I have traveled quite extensively and every time I visit a new country I always look to find local, natural medicines and remedies that I might need to use while abroad or can bring home to my family. In Nepal, for instance, I had all manner of incense available to buy and bring home. In India, I visited Ayurvedic stores in New Delhi looking for anything to…


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How to be a super lady, excellent wife and great pro

Few month ago I face the news I was expecting a baby. At that time, I've been working for several years for IT company in New York. I liked the vibrant life of working days, even though, I was snowed under with various task and had to keep studying since I didn't enough knowledge to get the promotion. In fact , I was fall in love in what I was doing, as a business developer, I've been working with people all around the world, interacting with them, making acquaintance give me the sense of better self-esteem, that I can tackle various tasks on my own. 

But after an astonishing news about my motherhood, I started to thinking of how to be a great mom, still charmed and interesting lady and indispensable pro for my company. Fortunately, the digital age comes to help nowadays) I started working remotely, visiting my colleagues from time to time. At that moment, I started thinking of how to manage my time more efficiently. As I was going to be a working mom)

To my happiness, the world of digital solutions creates hundreds of opportunities for ladies like me. I started using special software tool to keep up the latest changes in managing tasks, to monitor current situation etc. I was able to tackle different situation being always on the go. - a great tool for everyone who know how to save their time. The best advantage is that you can easily create shopping list, task lists etc. -  a great productivity tool for sufficient planning. It helps special function of reminding the necessary tasks, setting priorities and fulfill the task effectively. - if you didn't want to lose the feel of being a team worker, it's the best way to collaborate with your colleague, I found it indispensable for team communication. - once I caught myself on feeling that home atmosphere relaxed me and I could not control the time for work / home routine / walks. Then, I started using this special timer for different tasks, not specifically for my work, but also at home.


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