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The Five-Hour Rule: How Daily Reading Leads Us to Succeed

Reading is often thought of as a passive activity;a means to unwind or escape the monotony of daily life. But if you were to ask yourself whether reading every day was a catalyst for success, what do you think your answer might be? It might surprise you to learn that the world’s most successful people not only…

Celebrate Your Favorite Photo Memories With a Canvas Print Gift

We don't know about you but autumn is our favorite season of the year. And now that fall is in full swing you know what that means: the holidays are right around the corner! Now is the ideal time to think about gifts for families and friends while you still have time to put creative thought into them instead of rushing around…


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From Tyra Banks to Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, we all have a mental picture of what makes a woman fierce. If asked, most people will offer words like bold, independent, and intelligent to describe their various attributes. While you may not run a multi-billion dollar empire, there are adjustments you can make to transform you into a fierce woman despite your context.

Develop a deep sense of self-love

Work on your inner self-beginning with the offloading of mindsets and behaviors that do not serve you. Reach a place where when a person snaps at you, and for example, calls you a loser, you’re able to smile because you know that’s not true. Fierce women don’t let negative words get to them because they have a deep awareness of their worth. As they say, you can’t truly love what you don’t understand.

Know what you’re bringing to the table

We’ve heard it being said that women need to know what they’re bringing to the table. While it mostly gets referenced when talking about relationships, it should go beyond that. Having an awareness of the uniqueness that you bring and add to all facets of your life brings about a deep sense of self-worth that you don’t need others to validate. If you know what you have to offer is of value, you will walk around undefeated even when the naysayers are thundering in your wake.

Become relationship oriented

You cannot be a woman of strength without having a tribe of equally minded people behind you. No one can prosper in isolation; it takes a whole team to bring it to pass. That speaks to your personal and professional relationships. You don’t know when that GST lawyer dealing with taxes you met while waiting for your coffee or your third cousin will prove useful. That is not to imply that you keep toxic people around. Nurture only those relationships that are healthy and prove to be mutually beneficial. Becoming relationship oriented means that you’ll have a strong team behind you to affirm and remind you the woman you are during difficult times.

Become passionate about your life

Have you ever tried getting someone to do something that even you don’t like? It is the same with your life and what you do. If you show others that you have a passion for what you do and how you conduct yourself, people are more likely to rally behind you. If you show that you don’t love yourself, your fierceness will become mistranslated as bitterness. However, if you have a fire for life, when you speak out, people will listen.

Wrap up

Your fierceness needs to be backed up. You have to show power and boldness. It is why a lioness will roar, and a cat will do its best to imitate, but we’ll only be afraid, and with reason, of the queen of the jungle

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