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How to Brainstorm Content for Your Mom Blog

Brainstorming for Your Mom Blog Content

Once your mom blog is up and running, or even before you’ve ever started, you’ll find yourself always needing new ideas for content. For a beginner, this can be super intimidating.

How are you supposed to come up with a constant stream of ideas?

Are there even enough things to write about?

Well, I’m here to show you how to not only find great ideas to write about but also how to always have a fresh idea in your back pocket when you need it.

Let’s get started!

Finding Inspiration

To start, you need some good old inspiration. Fortunately, it isn’t as hard to find as you may think!

Inspiration comes from many places, but above all else, inspiration comes from your passion for a topic. If you love the niche you’re writing about, you should have no shortage of inspiration when you begin your blogging journey.

Of course, sometimes you hit a rut and the inspiration well runs dry. Don’t panic! Try answering a few of these questions to give yourself some ideas:

  • What do people need to know about my niche?
  • What would I be excited to talk about within my niche?
  • Who cares about my niches, and what can I teach them?
  • How can I help the people in my niche?

Researching Your Niche

If inspiration fails you (don’t worry, it’s natural!) then it’s time to turn to your competitors and the fellow blogs in your area.

This doesn’t mean you should copy these blogs; rather, you should focus on what they aren’t writing about. What holes are they leaving in your topic that you have the knowledge to fill?

For example, if you blogged about the best kitchen equipment and saw other bloggers in your niche blogging all about crockpots, you probably don’t want to write a long post about crockpots right at the same time. However, what about writing about all the different recipes you can make in a rice cooker, something many people already have! They’re cheaper than crockpots and can fulfill many of the same functions.

By taking this new approach, you’re helping solve a problem for people who can’t afford a crockpot but have a rice cooker, or for people just looking to mix it up. You can do the same thing in whatever niche you write in! So look carefully at the topics others are discussing in your niche and see how you can expand upon them, make them better, or find a new angle unique to you.

This is a great way to brainstorm content for your mom blog and is an effective supplement when inspiration runs dry.

Solving Your Own Struggles

Another great way to find content ideas for your blog, especially when you’re just starting out, is to think of ways to solve your own struggles. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention!

Start by identifying the things you struggle with within your niche. Perhaps you are a chef, but struggle with your knife skills, or you sew but struggle to embroider. It’s likely that others reading your blog experience these same struggles!

Once you’ve identified what you have difficulty with, do your research! Find solutions to these problems, or make some of your own. That right there is the topic of your blog post, maybe even your next five blog posts. You’ve just solved a clear problem for your niche, have collected or created valuable information, and all of that work is well deserving of becoming content on your blog!

Keeping a Notebook

Finally, we come to a content brainstorming method more focused on future-proofing than on finding content ideas now. However, if you take up this practice you’re setting yourself up for success, and for never having to worry about a lack of ideas again!

Our last method is keeping a notebook, and it’s surprisingly simple. All you need to do is keep a small notebook, legal pad, or computer document nearby. Whenever an idea for blog content strikes, write it down, in detail! You can organize this by topic or by date, but however you do it, this notebook will become an invaluable tool for you when you eventually hit a rut in your content creation.

Using this notebook of past ideas, coupled with the other three methods we’ve outlined about, you should be all set to continue putting out amazing content on your blog for years to come. Whenever you get stuck, just remember; there’s always more to write about when you know where to look!

This article was originally posted at Mom Marketing Coach.

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