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In today’s uber health conscious society many of us are hyper aware of staying as healthy as we possibly can with the knowledge we have. We all know that fast food and highly processed foods are not good for us in excess. We know that too much alcohol consumption is bad as well as smoking. And, of course, we all know that drugs are detrimental to health and happiness.

Some of the things that cause a lot of damage to our cells are free radicals. While our bodies naturally produce free radicals, we can put excessive amounts in our bodies from excessive behaviors like lying in the sun too long, smoking, eating poorly, and putting too much stress on our bodies. Studies say that excessive free radicals can cause cancer. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates that 1.7 million cancer cases will be diagnosed this year and 600,000 people will lose their lives to cancer. If we can curb the causes of cancer as much as possible, it behooves us to try.

In order to reduce the number of free radicals in our bodies, antioxidants are an optimal way to keep them at bay. The easiest way to put more antioxidants in our body is to eat them. Yes, that’s right. Eating foods that are replete with antioxidants are great for our health and wellness. For example, some of the foods that are full of antioxidants are berries (including both blue and black), dark chocolate, cilantro, kidney beans, and artichokes. Of course, the fresher, more organic the better. You can also take antioxidants in pill form. In fact, the antioxidant sector is now a $500 million industry according to Harvard’s School of Public Health. Just look at any health food store and look at antioxidant products. You’ll be surprised by how many you see. In our estimation, fresh, natural food with an abundance of antioxidants.

As we mentioned, there are many ways to get too many free radicals in your body including too many stressors in your life. Everyday life can put many stresses into your life from your job to bills, to even your family. It is important to prevent as much stress in your life as you can. One of the ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life is with massage therapy.

Massage therapy can be used to attack the stress points in your body and reduce the amount of stress in your life and the causes of your stress. It is normal for people to have stress in their lives, but too much can sometimes cause a build-up free radicals in your body and ultimately cancer.

In order to lessen your chances of an entire host of ailments, routine exercise, healthy eating, and less stress are three easy ways to stay healthy. That is not to say that you have to become a health nut every day of the week, but implementing simple ways to be healthy can make a lot of headway. Implementing fresh foods can be as easy as making sure to store up on berries in the summer and preserving them for the winter. You can also stock up on dark chocolate (which shouldn’t be that hard) and other vegetables and herbs like cilantro. You can also incorporate yoga, running, walking, pilates, and other aerobic exercises into your life. And, above all else, try to make sure your keep stress at a minimum. It can be hard to do, but definitely doable. The main thing you need to do is simply start and watch the results and health benefits roll in.  


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