How To Celebrate Moms In your Life For Mother’s Day

What is Mother's Day?

Dear significant others, are you looking on how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? You have come to the right place. My name is Ella, the family dog of a blended family of 6. Everyone is talking about Mother’s Day being just around the corner. I wondered what the big fuss was surrounding this special day. My dad explained that Mother’s Day is a celebration to honor all the mothers or a mother figure in a family and their influences they have throughout our society. This holiday is celebrated almost everywhere in the world. Without mothers no one would be here! Wow talk about something to celebrate!   Here are some great ideas on how to celebrate the mom in your life for Mother’s Day.

Ideas for a perfect Mother’s Day celebration

Mother is a verb, not a noun and can be applied to any person in so many ways. They can be someone who gave birth or stepmom who has chosen to love her stepchildren and has become a role model in their lives. Our appreciation should go to all those who make a positive difference to any child or dog’s life.  My mom is a mother, a stepmom, and a dog-mom. While you search to find the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day, please include the children or the fur babies. They will be happy to take part in making this day so special.

Blended families can create some challenging situations during this holiday as it needs to be shared by both parents. Make sure to remind the children to call the mother or stepmom on this day.  There are so many great ways to celebrate this wonderful day, and most are not expensive, and some are at no cost at all.  Let us look at these 4 categories that will hopefully help you find that perfect way to celebrate ; Self-care, memories, way to simplify their busy life and little gestures.


Is your mom or significant other constantly running around taking care of everyone around them while often forgetting to take care of herself?  If so, here are a few ways that you can gift her that special day of self care and some don’t even cost anything.


Let her sleep-in that morning. Take the kids out for a walk or a drive for 30minutes-1hour so she can sleep-in peacefully. Let the kids know the night before that in the morning they will be spending quality time with you so that mommy can sleep. Most kids will be excited, and they will be proud to be part of this gift that is sure to please their mom.

Prepare her a warm bath

If your significant other is the one who usually put the kids to bed, surprise her with a warm bath and offer to put the kids to bed this time. If you really want to make it extra special, light some candles, and put soft music with bubble bath.

What to buy

If you really want to buy a gift for a mother that enjoys self-care, here are some great options:

Cream or make-up:

If you know their favorite cream, of facial care, this could be a great option. Cream can be expensive, and some women feel bad and will not buy the cream they need to make their skin smooth and healthy. Arbonne cream has a full collection for any skin type. You can order it online and they ship right to your home. They are animal friendly and gluten free.


For the passionate reader, a great book can be the perfect affordable gift. My suggestion for the perfect journal is: Reclaim Joy, from Emine Rushton. This book will actually be part of our Mom’s gift. It is the gift that keeps on giving for 365 days. It will last until next Mother’s Day. Talk about a deal here! This journal is a guide to help discover the simple pleasures of everyday life. Who does not need more joy theses days? There is plenty of space to write or draw on every page. It will inspire the mom in your life to live a slower and more peaceful life.

It will be released on May 11th, 2021 and be available to order on Amazon and Indigo-Chapters at a cost between 16$ to 25$, depending in which region you live in. My mom will be starting this book on Mother’s Day and you should follow her journey on our family Instagram @ellas_blended_family as she will share how she discovers her simple pleasures in life. 


We all love making memories and learning new things. There are so many options on how to celebrate with memories for Mother’s Day. Here are a few great ideas:

New activities for the whole family

Plan a small road trip, a hiking trail or even a picnic. Make sure to get everything ready so she does not have to, such as snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. Take a lot of pictures with her and the kids. Most of the time mothers are behind the camera taking pictures of everyone. Why not follow up a few days later with a printed copy of the best family photo from that day.

What to buy

With technology these days we rarely get any pictures developed anymore. We keep them on our smartphones and computers. Because of this most kids do not get to see these family activities, adventures, or travel pictures. They can be a memorable way to share and bond with our family members.

Family photo session:

This can be a great gift surprise for any mom. Make sure to book in advance and it does not need to be on Mother’s Day. As I know my mom, she would want to coordinate outfits and have her hair done. Make sure you get some of these wonderful pictures printed and display them proudly on your walls.

Digital picture frame: Digital picture frames are a great way to display all those pictures we took on our phones. Why not have those memories visible for all to see.

Ways to simplify their busy life

Who does not want ways to simplify our daily lives? I know my blended family is always looking for ways of simplifying their lives as large family. Here is a list of things my mom found that helps simplify her life. She would not go without these again.  Check out this post on how to make a busy mom incredibly happy.

The Name Stamp TM

Here is my mom’s newest finding. Over the past years, sorting the laundry has become a real time-consuming chore. The 4 boys are now between the ages of 12 and 16. Most of their clothing are very close in size including underwear. What makes it extra complicated within a blended family, is that each child will bring clothes that comes from the other parent’s house. Even though my mom is quite good at figuring out who’s clothes is who, there is always someone looking for their socks and so forth. The Name Stamp will not just put an end to this task but will also save you time and money.

Secondly, they are affordable, they ship worldwide, and they are super cute! Check them out here and get 10% using my code: ELLA10.

Little gestures

And finally, get the kids involved in the celebration. Most Kids love crafting. They enjoy making cards and even more complicated items such as jewelry. Here are 44 craft ideas for kids that will have something to do for all ages.

The boys love bringing coffee in-bed to celebrate Mother’s Day. My mom appreciates this gesture so much. What a great way to start the day. They even made breakfast in bed once.

Final toughs

Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world no matter the culture or religion. After all, mothers carry a great responsibility in children lives. There are some great inexpensive ideas on how to celebrate the mom in your life. So, this year make your mother, the mother of your child, the stepmother, or any significant other who plays a important role in a child’s life feel special.

Let us know how you are celebrating Mother’s Day this year? We cannot wait to hear from you.

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