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Research shows that it is never too early to read your baby a book.  While your baby might not understand the message you are trying to pass across, he or she can still begin to pick up the tones and rhymes of your voice. The more words a baby is exposed to the better prepared he is to eventually start reading on their own.

When choosing a book for your baby, several factors must be put in mind.

Some of these are:

  • Age of the baby

Babies can be categorized as the unborn, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade scholars or teenagers.

When selecting the best book for your baby, you should choose one that will help him grow, one that is challenging but will not cause them frustration.

  • The subject matter

The subject matter of the book is also one to think about. What really interests my baby? What does he naturally gravitate towards? What is his personality trait? Does he love math or art? Science or fiction? Such questions will be able to guide you through as you make that decision.

  • Readability

Even after you have made a purchase, you should aim to go through the book reading it page to page. This will help you find out the flow of the language. Some books are flat and plain and you do not want your child to read a boring book.

  • Morals you get

This is basically what the book aims to teach your baby or the storyline. Some will teach about sharing, friendship or saving. You just need to think about what it is you need your baby to derive from reading a certain book.

  • The volume of the book

Depending on the child, this is also one of the considerations to looks at. Babies generally have a short concentration span. You do not want to give your child a voluminous book or they will lose their interest in reading altogether. Wordless, simple texts and rhymes should be considered for the younger babies.

  • Is the book appealing

You need also to consider whether the book appeals to your baby and how it does. The book should be catchy and fun to read out loud so they will always look forward to reading it. Babies are generally attracted to brightly colored texts.

Baby books have several benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Bonding time even for the unborn as reading them a book strengthens the bond between mother and child
  2. Exposes babies to visuals and they are able to learn simple patterns and variety of shapes.
  • Helps prepare babies to learn to read on their own
  1. It exposes babies to visuals, simple patterns and variety of shapes
  2. It boosts brainpower as babies are able to learn a wide range of vocabulary

Here are recommendations of the top five best baby books you can buy online which have received positive reviews:

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