How to choose pants hangers for wardrobe?

Are you looking for perfect pants hangers for your wardrobe to manage clothes and dresses? So, this is the right place for you to know about pants hangers. Well, in the market, there are a variety of pants hangers’ material types such as wooden, plastic, and velvet, moreover, hangers are available in different sizes, shapes, and also format. And all these things make it difficult to choose the right one for your closet. Moreover, there are many factors to consider and if you select the wrong one, you might end up ruining your clothing item. In the following, some factors are important while selecting the pants hanger.



While buying the hanger, it is important to make sure that the size is appropriate for your clothing item, which it will hang. For example, kids should use 10” hangers, and adults should use 14” hangers. Moreover, small women or young men should use 15 or 16” contoured hangers. Well, lightweight clothes are better-suited for 0.5” hangers whereas heavy clothes hangers should have nearly 1” thickness.



When you are buying the hangers for your clothing hangers, you must have to consider the shape of the hanger such as Curved or contoured hangers is best for hanging suit jackets as well as coats. On the other side, flat hangers are best-suited for thin and lightweight clothes such as T-shirts.



Well, the style of the hanger also reflects one’s sense of style. We all know that all hangers do not look similar. So, if you desire a hanger that perfectly fits your closet then it must share your distinct style.



There is a variety of hanger and different hangers work for a different purpose. So, hangers with fabric on arms help to reduce stretches, tears, and shoulder bumps on the clothing item. Moreover, you can even attach a thin piece of foam to your hanger, it may look odd but you can use it to hang your finest apparel.


Clipping or Folding

Well, many hangers come with clips attached to their crossbars and it may look convenient to rely on the clips to hang your ties as well as pants. But it may cover more space in the vertical direction, so we recommend you folding your pants or ties over the crossbars to save space in your wardrobe.


And ensure that there is not any crease over the bar. On the other side, if you use clips it may leave permanent dents as well as teeth marks in your clothing item.


Hangers for pants

Well, pants are considered as one of the heavier clothing items so you must use a sturdy wooden hanger type along with a firm crossbar. One of the best selections is the 17.5” wooden suit hanger because of its sturdiness and the thick crossbar. Try out, space-saving pants hangers.

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