Are you giving a turn to your garden and have you decided that the time has come to change the outdoor furniture? If your terrace does not have a small porch or you just want to protect a specific area of ​​sunlight, the sunshades are the best option for that. Today, the market dedicated to the sale of outdoor furniture offers us a wide variety of umbrellas, not only in terms of design but also to the manufacturing material, increasingly resistant to climate changes.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first thing you must decide before starting to look for the best umbrella is if you want a fixed parasol, for a specific area of ​​your garden, or portable, to protect the furniture from adverse conditions or provide shade to various parts of the terrace.


  1. If you decide to buy patio tilt umbrellas, you should know that there are two big types, the eccentric ones, with the lateral mast, or centric, with the central arm. The advantage of eccentrics over traditional ones is the possibility of adapting the umbrella without having to move the whole parasol. Most eccentric sunshades have a curved arm that allows us to adjust the height of the sombilla, as well as move it from one side to another, depending on where the sunlight comes from.


  1. On the other hand, the fixed parasols are designed to be placed on the walls of the gardens or terraces. The advantage of this type of umbrella is the little space they occupy, since they do not have a mast like the previous models. The arm of this type of parasols is foldable and allows us to adjust its position without any problems depending on our needs. Also, when picking them up, they are stuck to the wall, without disturbing or occupying more space than necessary, which makes them the ideal option to provide shade to our balconies.


  1. Whether we choose a fixed parasol or a portable parasol, the material matters. The objective of choosing the best umbrella for our garden is to be able to withstand virtually any type of weather phenomenon, so we must pay special attention to the materials of manufacture. The most popular ones are aluminum, stainless steel, wood, plastic or all-metal umbrellas.


  1. In general, manufacturers usually mix several materials to offer more resistant, strong and durable parasols. Thus, the most advisable is to opt for one composed of aluminum and stainless steel, since not only endure adverse conditions but also are exempt from suffering any type of corrosion. The wooden ones, if they are of quality, are also a good option for those gardens with a rustic or classic touch. Likewise, all-metal ones offer protection and resistance, as opposed to composites only by plastic.


  1. If the garden umbrellas you are interested in are laptops, you should also take into account the foot that will hold it. For eccentrics, it is best to choose a foot formed by tiles or frames, as they ensure greater stability. The traditional ones do not present problems when selecting the shape of the foot.


  1. Regarding the parasol foot material, the most popular are the following:
  • Stainless steel. They are the most resistant and durable, since they are free from corrosion. Also, its maintenance is really simple, we should only bear in mind that we can not use abrasive products to clean them.
  • Cement. This type of feet weigh much more than the previous ones, fact that gives them a clear advantage, they withstand both the strong wind and the rain and tormtentas.
  • Wood. In general, they do not tend to be composed only of wood; they are usually made of cement coated with this material. Being made of wood and having an oily texture, they provide, above all, durability. It is best to clean them with a soft bristle brush.
  • Fillable . The refillable feet have been the most popular for years, for their easy portability once empty. They tend to be made of resin and are usually filled with sand or water to maintain the stability of the sunshade.
  1. As for the design of the parasol, you must select it according to your personal tastes and, if you are one of those who prefer to maintain a unique style, the aesthetics of sofas, chairs and garden tables. Follow all these tips and choose the garden umbrella that best suits your needs.

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