Hiking is an excellent way to enjoy your free time experiencing some amazing mountains and paths. But as hiking is fun, it is quite tough. You have to be prepared from all sides to conquer a mountain. Gathering around your accessories like kettle and stove, packing up the essentials and getting ready for the expedition is quite fun to do. But in all this excitement do not forget to purchase hiking boots as it is definitely going to define the comfort for your hiking trip.

Going on a hiking trip means that you have to go through rough terrains, stony paths and muddy ways to reach your destination and if your feet are not covered properly, you are going to end up getting hurt pretty badly and you cannot enjoy your hiking any further. It is therefore important to purchase the right type of hiking boots for a comfortable hiking experience.

How to Choose Your Hiking Boots?

In order to choose your hiking boots you have to look for a number of features as you surely do not want to compromise on anything. Below are listed some important aspects of hiking boots that you should be looking for when making a purchase:

  1. Boots Material:

Hiking boots usually come three different materials namely leather boots, synthetic boots and waterproof material. Leather boots are usually stronger and heavier than synthetic boots but they are water repellent which is a plus point. However, leather boots are good for longer hiking trips. Synthetic boots, on the other hand, are light in weight but shows more wear and tear.

  1. Boot Cut:

Hiking boots generally come in low, mid and high cuts. Low cut boots do not provide much ankle support and is useful only for shorter hikes and on leveled terrains. Mid cut boots offer more ankle support and can be used for multi-day hikes. However, high cut boots are highly durable and sturdy and provide full ankle support.

  1. Hiking Style:

Hiking style also affects the purchase of your hiking boots a lot. For day hikes, low cut boots are usually considered the best. For overnight hikes, mid cut boots are preferred but for hikes of several days and nights, high cut boots are the best.

Danner Mountain Light is usually the preferred choice of hikers but Mountain light ii is also amazing. Here is the differences between danner mountain light and mountain light ii.

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