How to Create the Best Birthday Wish List for Your Child

Many people believe that gift lists are only great for weddings and baby showers. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for gift lists that can be used for different occasions such as birthdays. When it comes to a child's birthday celebration, a parent’s wishes to provide their child with the best birthday ever. Creating a birthday wish list can be a great idea to get them exactly what they want on their special day., the largest Universal gift list platform, is here to help parents create birthday wish lists for their kids, along with the opportunity to create a wish list for other occasions as well. To start off, MyRegistry provides you with a short entry form to create your account. Once the account is created, you are able to start adding items to your child’s wish list. This site is easy and great to use as you are able to add gifts from all your favourite retailers and even sync store registries that you may already have so they can all be on one single wish list.

In order to add gifts to the wish list, all you have to do is get the “Add to” Button for your browser.  A smart way to know what gifts to add is by asking your child what they want for their birthday. Some parents even take the time to sit with their children and create the birthday wish list together. This is very efficient for the parent because they are able to request what they exactly need but also control what their child wants. If you are still having trouble throughout the adding process, don’t fret. With MyRegistry, you can gain access to their exclusive inspiration boards packed with great gift suggestions.

A great feature that MyRegistry also offers is the creation of cash gift funds. Not only do you have to add items to your child’s birthday wish list, but you can also request money. Adding a cash gift fund to the wish list can be a good way to have family and friends help pay for experiences for your child or contribute to big-ticket items that are probably harder for just one person to purchase.

Once you are done adding items to the wishlist, you are ready to share it with your family and friends. MyRegistry allows you to share a customizable URL link for your wish list as well as the option to share via social media or email with their eCard system. Having a wish list is helpful because you are able to let others know what your child wants, but it also gives your friends and family to choose what they want to get based on their budget.

MyRegistry believes that gifting should be unlimited which makes it a great resource to use when preparing for your child’s birthday. Get your kid exactly what they want and make their day memorable with the help of won’t regret it!

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