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How to curb Common Oral Disorders in pregnant women.

Studies show that about 45% of pregnant women who experience oral disorders do not seek medical attention. There are a lot of psychological changes that pregnant women go through including the oral cavity. It is advisable that pregnant women should maintain proper oral care as well as pay regular visits to a dentist. Some of the major oral problems faced by pregnant women are:

Teeth decay.

This is very common among pregnant women. It occurs due to acidic changes of the oral cavity that often results from the increases cravings and intake of sugary foods. Also, pregnant women vomit a lot and this enhances the acidic environment in the mouth thus increasing the risk of contracting teeth decay. As much as this problem is common in pregnant women, there are some of them who are able to contain it. Some of the ways to curb this problem are:

  1. Ensure that, as much as you have cravings for sugary foodstuffs, you do not take it into large amounts and when you do, make sure you clean your mouth and rinse it immediately with a lot of water.
  2.  While brushing, Lane & Associates Family Dentistry recommends that you should use toothpaste that contains fluoride in order to reduce the acidic effect that occurs due to increased vomiting.

There are also drugs that stimulate the formation of dental caries and they should be avoided by all means.

Periodontal diseases.

This occurs to about 60-70% of the pregnant women. It occurs due to a decrease in the immune response, estrogen and progesterone fluctuations, in order to contain this disorder, it is recommended that you should brush and floss regularly, at least two times a day, using toothpaste that has fluoride in it. Likewise, you should floss daily by use of a saline mouth wash in order to decrease the level of irritation.

Teeth erosion.

Erosion of the teeth is common among pregnant women due to the increase in the acidic level that often results from vomiting. This disorder is easy to control as you can use a sodium bicarbonate solution that is known to reduce the effect of the acids thus preventing any damage that may arise.

Teeth mobility.

This disorder often occurs due to the changes in the hormonal rush minerals on the periodontal ligament. It affects the mobility of the teeth thus bringing about the gum diseases. With this disorder, the dentists recommend the use of Vitamin C. it should be used together with the removal of gingival irritants.

It is advisable that you seek medical attention and you should not wait until the situation worsens, the earlier it is treated the better and easier it is to contain it.

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