How to Cut Costs on Your Companies Energy Bill

The primary expense that businesses face is electricity costs, and as a business owner, you will agree that energy costs are a significant expense. The good news is there are many ways to save electricity and lower your business electricity costs, and many of them involve making some adjustments to your habits. Here's how to reduce your business energy bills.

Energy Audit

An energy audit informs you of your energy use and advises on how to save your energy. Most electricity companies provide free energy audits.

After receiving your audit, a specialist will visit your business location and conduct a thorough investigation to ensure there are no insulation problems and air leaks and if your business can install energy-efficient lighting.

Turn off Equipment and Lights That Are Not in Use

Much electricity gets wasted by this single factor. The larger your office, the more electricity gets wasted. Lunchrooms, conference rooms, bathrooms, and many offices keep the lights on throughout even when they're not being used. Even coffee machines, printers and copiers, computers, microwaves, and monitors are left powered on. Even when not being used, many appliances still use energy. We refer to these as vampire appliances.

One way to lower your business energy costs is to plug all your appliances into a power strip and making it a habit to turn off all power strips and lights before leaving your office.

Install Energy-Efficient Equipment

Anytime you go to purchase office equipment, ensure you buy energy-efficient electronics and equipment. This saves you lots of money in the end and helps you manage your business's energy costs.

Use the "Away" Mode

By changing your thermostat to "away" mode, you can save lots of energy. It turns your cooling and heating down whenever you don't need them. You can configure this mode with automatic adjustments based on your business schedules. This will give you significant energy savings and enhance your peace of mind.

Properly Insulate Your Office

Ensuring your office is well insulated will help you keep most of the generated heat within your office walls. As a result, you won't need to pay the energy costs to keep your office heated.

Your heating system will only become efficient if it is combined with proper insulation. Properly insulating your office will enable you to turn down your thermostat without the fear of the temperature falling too low. Thus, install suitable forge coating, and don't forget to insulate other equipment such as furnaces and kilns.

CFL or LED Light Bulbs

Switching your light bulbs can make a substantial difference to your company's energy bill in the end. Switching your office bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs is an excellent minor change that you can make to cut extra dollars from your energy bills. CFL bulbs have been proven to significantly reduce CO2 levels from the atmosphere over their lifespan, while LED bulbs consume up to 90% less energy than their traditional counterparts.

Changing over to CFL and LED bulbs can be a small investment to start with. Although they are slightly more costly than traditional bulbs, they will significantly decrease your energy bills, last longer, and reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Install Light Dimmers and Motion Detectors

Many office buildings are fitted with motion detectors in more prominent offices and common areas that switch off the lights in the absence of a motion for a specific duration. Employing these motion sensors to manage your lighting in common areas is an excellent way to curb energy wastage.

You can use light dimmers together with natural light to determine how much light your bulbs should produce. Sometimes you may not need all the lights turned on and producing maximum output. Setting higher dimmer values during the night and lower dimmer values during the day will help you save more energy.

Consider Changing Your Energy Supplier

Depending on your business location, there are probably several energy providers for businesses. Check them out to see what options are available for you.

If several providers are available, compare their prices to see if you can save some costs per kilowatt. You can always benefit by reducing your business costs if you opt to change your energy provider to one that offers you excellent services at reduced prices.

There are many things you can do to help you cut down your business energy costs. Following the above ideas will help you save lots of money, making more money available for other business ventures.

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