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Apart from putting them on edge, stress-inducing scenarios like a Fourth of July fireworks show or moving into a new home can decrease a dog's lifespan and make it more vulnerable to serious conditions such as cardiovascular problems and digestive disorders.

Fortunately, there are ways pet owners like yourself can follow to put a stressed-out and anxious dog at peace. While some methods might not provide a permanent solution to anxiety, they can give pet owners an idea of what to do in case their dogs experience distress. Here's a guide to help keep your anxious dog calm.

  1. Know the symptoms of stress

Dogs have different ways of letting you know that they're anxious, but the most common symptoms aren't easily overlooked. These symptoms can range from excessive panting and fur shedding to diarrhea and abrupt changes to their personality. If you notice your outgoing dog has become aloof, it could be in distress. Even the subtlest signs could indicate a severe case of stress, so check in on your dog during events or situations that could trigger anxiety.

  1. Caress your dogs

If your dog has been under a lot of stress, the best thing you can do is to approach them and stroke their fur. This simple act has a calming effect as it reassures your dog that they are still in safe hands. Brushing your dog's fur and patting its head should be enough to keep them calm. Experts also advise that you shouldn't hug your dog since it will only amplify their anxiety. Consider giving your dog a gentle massage from the head to the tip of the tail. 

  1. Give the right medication

There are several medicines you can use for your dog to calm it down. In most cases, tranquilizers like alprazolam and antidepressants like trazodone have been the top options for treating anxiety. Recently, some dog owners turn to CBD products for a more organic solution. You should ask for professional guidance before purchasing medication for stress and stress-related symptoms. If you are wondering, "what can I give my dog for diarrhea”, or you have any other questions related to your dog’s anxiety, be sure to reach out to your vet.

  1. Let them listen to good music

There is truth in using music to calm a distressed animal. Classical music, in particular, has a therapeutic effect on dogs. Certain classical pieces can even regulate breathing and improve sleep quality. Consider building a Spotify playlist with classical tracks and installing speakers near the kennel or play area so your dog will always be exposed. 

  1. Stimulate their mind and body

Mental and physical exercise can help your dog stay calm by providing an outlet for excess energy. Taking a walk in the park, socializing with familiar dogs, and playing frisbee can also improve your dog’s mood and make them feel more comfortable with their environment.  

If you have a dog that’s prone to stress, you must know how you can help it stay calm. It takes time and effort, but applying these tips should put your dog at ease. 

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