How to Decorate a Small Bedroom, What to Do If You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

This article will make you an interior designer of your own bedroom and help you sleep better in the coming nights. What has been keeping you awake late into the night? It could have everything to do with how your bedroom is set up or even how it looks.

Are you ready for this beneficial adventure? You might need to replace a few things in your bedroom and change one or two things. Get your mind in the game and let me help you design your room for nights of optimal sleep duration. I’ll point out what’s wrong and you’ll fix the room.

  • Buy a good mattress

You’re very likely to not sleep well if you’re sleeping on an old mattress that’s uncomfortable. It could be a new mattress but it is hard and it feels uncomfortable to sleep on. The trick to enjoying your sleep is buying the right mattress.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress feels totally different from sleeping on an innerspring mattress. It all depends on your individual taste. There are those who prefer choosing a memory foam mattress than a latex mattress because there is something that is soft and comfortable about memory foam.

  • Bar all light entry points

Darkness helps promote better sleep. Chances of you sleeping soundly are higher when the room is in total darkness than when there is a streak of light entering the room from somewhere. If your bedroom window is opposite some street lights, you’ll need to get thick curtains and blinds to keep away that light.

The bedroom lights should not be too bright as it’s not a study area or a kitchen. Getting dim or colored bulbs with dim light will help create that relaxed atmosphere that is conducive for sleep. When the room is as dark as the night, you might not even notice the how firm your mattress is.

  • Change wall colors

Bright colors may be attractive and bring vibrancy to a room but that’s not what you’re looking for in a bedroom. If the color scheme in your sleeping area is too bright you’re likely not to have any sleep at all. You’ll get distracted and end up doing other things.

You should get your walls painted with cool colors like blue, green or pastel. These colors are sleep inducing and having them as your bedroom colors may just change your sleep life. You could also look into getting plastic sheets cut and create your own colourful frames for pictures. It’s okay to have color on the bed and the beddings but not on the walls.

  • Strike a balance in temperature

When a room is too hot, you cannot even stay in it leave alone sleeping. When it’s too cold, you can try to sleep but it will take you much longer to adjust to the cold. To avoid all this and enjoy your sleep, regulate the temperature in your bedroom to something between 65° and 75°.

You can get a portable heater for a cold room or a ceiling room if it’s too hot. Heavy blinds also help in keeping the outside weather from getting into the room. Invest in warm but not too bulky beddings. Putting all these measures in place will strike a perfect balance of comfort and coolness.

  • Keep the room in order

Sometimes we neglect our bedrooms because it’s our space and no one can question it but it could be the reason you aren’t getting enough sleep. Clutter is associated with lack of sleep and anxiety. A neat and organized bedroom will, therefore, create a perfect environment for sleep.

Do not put too many things in the sleeping room. Try to get items that take up as little space as possible. You can fold anything that is foldable and detach anything detachable to create space and breathing room. Once you do this you’ll notice that you fall asleep much faster and for longer.


You do not have to compromise on personal taste to incorporate these designs I gave you. You can work with what you have to come up with what you need. It is also important that you put your mind to it because the most crucial part has everything to do with your mind set up.

These are just measures to improve your sleep quality. You could also try having soothing sounds like soft wind chimes or a small waterfall in your bedroom to help you sleep. Just make sure you put effort into sleeping early.

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