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7 Steps for a Complete Skincare and Beauty Routine

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It is also the most exposed to the elements and the pollution in large cities. It is no wonder that we must take special care of it and keep it healthy. It is not just a matter of beauty. Skin is our only natural barrier from viruses, bacteria and other malicious…

The Benefits of Encouraging Your Child to Read

You have to admit that as a parent, getting your child to do something they don’t want to do can be a challenge. Unfortunately for some, convincing their child to sit down and read (in lieu of interacting with a digital device) can be one of those things. Though it may seem at times impossible, it should be stated that…


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How to Find Quality Care for Aging Parents

The percentage of the US population that is 65 or older is growing substantially according to the 2014 Census report. In fact, the Baby Boomer generation has reached over 77 million people as of 2011. Your parents may be a part of that increasingly growing segment of society. And, if they are, you may be faced with difficult decisions about their care as they grow older and require more health care needs. By 2030, the number of those who are 65 and older is expected to double, so there will be many Americans having to make important decisions about elderly care.

If you find yourself having to make decisions now about your parents’ care, here are simple steps to plan and get the best care for them.

Assess the Situation

When our parents begin growing older it can be all too easy to simply bury our heads in the sand and hope that any health problems they experience will eventually go away. Honestly speaking, however, that is typically not the case. Not only should your parents or elderly relatives get regular check-ups, if more acute problems arise encourage them to get checked out. It is vitally important to remember that no one really likes going to see their doctor or relishes being admitted to the hospital, but if the time arises, it is critical for you to be vigilant about their long-term care. As our parents grow older they may need us now more than ever. This can also mean looking into in-home care.

Be Realistic and Ask Questions

Making hard decisions about our parents’ health care can be difficult, but when we remain realistic about the type of care they will need and have a solid plan in place, making crucial decisions becomes much, much easier.  Do your homework about care options and be sure to also consult with your parents’ doctors in order to assess the best type of care they will need moving forward. In some families some siblings are better at making hard decisions than others. Lean on your family members when making plans and decisions about your parents’ care especially if hospice care is imminent.

Find a Caregiver

Finding quality in-home health care services can be daunting. There are many options on the Net that choosing a reputable company can become dizzying very quickly. We recommend using to find quality caregivers. They are the fastest, most-affordable way to find in-home health services for seniors. In fact, the average cost of care is $16 per hour or $180 a day. You can watch interviews of all of the caregivers that Home Hero works with. To make finding a caregiver easier Home Hero does not require any contracts and you can change caregivers at any point.

Put Your Parents’ Daily Health in Their Caregivers’ Hands

We all want our parents to be comfortable with their caregivers particularly in their own home. Once you find a caregiver that you and your parents like, it is important to trust Home Hero’s employees to take care of them. 100 percent of all of “Heroes” are met in person by Home Hero staff, ensuring the quality of their caregivers and that your parents have the best in-home care as possible. During times when our parents’ health begins to wane, worrying about the quality of their caregivers is the last thing you want to do. There are a lot of questions that arise when you have to make decisions about care for aging parents. Home Hero makes it easier for you.  

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