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Pink eye otherwise known as conjunctivitis is caused by inflamed conjunctiva. There are several reasons for occurrence of this medical condition. It might be caused by viral or bacterial infection, chlamydia, chemicals and contaminants or allergy to something.

This condition is curable; however, there are forms of conjunctivitis that are very contagious. Good hygienic practices should be applied especially during the period of treatment to get rid of pink eye effectively. You don’t have to turn to heavy medical treatment, as typically this condition resolves itself in a week. In fact, in most cases antibiotics can even prolong the disease instead of helping it. However, the affected person is able to do a few things that can ease the condition or help him get rid of it.

The first thing to do is to find the real cause of this condition. For example, if it is a result of an allergy, you should find allergens and avoid them. Such allergens can be dust, pollen, animal dander, etc. Usually, these are small things that can get into the eyes. One of the ways to determine what allergens cause such problems is by the process of elimination. These might be a new place that you have recently gone or a new activity you have been engaged in. This might even be new eye drops or contacts. Thinking about this can help you identify the type of allergens that have caused contracting pink eye.  

The source that causes allergy should be removed from your area or if it is not movable, try to avoid it. Some start applying antihistamines along with Ibuprofen when they feel they get pink eye too often. Antihistamines counteract the histamines released by the body as an allergic reaction to foreign objects. These drugs block the histamine’s action and ease the allergic reaction.

Pollutants and chemicals could be another reason for occurrence of pink eye. Such causes are various sprays, industrial waste, smoke, etc. Wash your eyes right away to remove from them remaining traces of any contaminant that might get into them. Your eyes can be additionally irritated by cigarette smoke, so it is better to stay away from it. In case you are in doubt, consult your doctor asking him for eye test. Since the eyes are very sensitive, special care is required for them.

Below you can find a few methods that can help you get rid of this condition at home. You should keep your eyes clean in the process of treatment. You could regularly wipe the eyes with sterile water and a cotton cloth. Wash the hands often too, especially after touching your eyes; otherwise, the infection could be spread even further. It is not recommended to touch the eyes or wear contact lenses in the process of treatment. Instead, you can wear glasses. The following few home remedies are able to help you relieve and cure pink eye condition:

How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast

  • You will need a bag of chamomile tea soaked in hot water. When the bag cools down, you could place it on your eyes for 10 minutes and repeat this procedure several times during the day. You can also soak the eyes in a cup of lukewarm or cold chamomile tea for a similar effect.
  • Another great option is to make a special eyebright tincture by mixing 5 eyebright hers drops in a cup of boiled water after it cools down. With the help of a cotton ball, apply the tincture on your eyes.
  • Use a cup of sterile water, mixing some honey in it. You can apply this mixture directly as an effective natural antiseptic. You will be amazed of the fast effect it has on your eyes’ condition helping them recover quickly. Don’t worry when you feel a strange stinging sensation, as it is normal and will go away after a while.
  • Another natural remedy that many people report to be effective is bread soaked in milk that should be applied on the infected eye. It is easy to prepare and apply, just take a piece of white bread and dampen it in some milk, after which you can place it on the eye and wrap it, so that the bread will be in place for some time. You can even apply it before going to bed and leave the piece during the night. After removing the gauze in the morning, you will see your eye completely cured.
  • You can significantly reduce the eyes’ irritation by applying warm or cold compresses, repeating the procedure a few times per day.
  • Aloe Vera has proved to have a great effect for healing this condition as well. So you can just rub some juice of Aloe Vera across the eyelids.

If all these home remedies do not work, you most likely have got bacterial conjunctivitis, which requires some antibiotic ointments and special eye drops to be cured. In that case, you need to consult an ophthalmologist, who will recommend you the best treatment.

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Comment by Ashley Owen on June 12, 2015 at 3:42pm

All great suggestions!

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