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How to Get Rid of Scars in Three Simple Steps

As we grow older it is almost impossible to go without getting scars. Scars can range from pesky stretch marks to burns to acne scars as well as wound scars. While some scars might be small enough to hide and ignore others really need added attention. Most of us try to let wounds heal on their own and hope and pray that the scar won’t appear too bad. This is because there have been little no products on the market that cater to fading scars. Now, it’s simple to treat them at home, no less.

Using Scarology, a three-step system that allows scars to fade, there is a new weapon at our disposal to fight unwanted blemishes. Formulated by two doctors – a husband and wife team – the Scarology regime is useful for adults and children who have scars that need to heal and essentially go away. We recently tried Scarology and love that the each of the three steps is clearly labeled so there is no chance of using it out of order. We also love that both the fruit extract and the scar cream is virtually scentless so it won’t clash with any lotions or perfumes you may love.

The first step is to spread the natural fruit acid exfoliator onto your scar in the mornings. Judging by the bottle the exfoliator is in, we thought it would be a spritz type product. Instead it is a really thick protective gel that will remove unhealthy scar tissue. The second step is using the scar cream in the morning and in the evening. It helps remove inflammation. Again, the cream is without scent, and you can tell that it is of the highest quality just like the exfoliator. These aren’t inexpensive products andyou definitely feel it. If you want to remove a scar, it’s nice to know that within first use it is readily apparent that the products are formulated with quality in mind. Finally, the silicon scar sheet (step three) compresses the scar area and nourishes it throughout the night.

Based on feedback from users, changes to a scar can be seen in as little as three days. Most users will see best results in three months.  If you have concerns about scarring, this is a perfect treatment system to have on hand because you need to begin use as soon as a scar begins to form, but before scabs appear.

Scarology can be used on all skin types, even pigmented skin. It can also be safely used on children with the exception of using the exfoliator on children under the age of two.

After several uses we can see that Scarology really works when applied on a routine basis and for as long as you see the results you’re looking for.

Buy at scarology.com

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Comment by Mary Mwangi on March 2, 2016 at 1:54am
Wow! That is good news! Does it work on old scars?



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