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Today I am talking the girls about how to get rid of stink bugs. If you do not have the luxury of having a local pest control company like Dominion Pest Control (Lancaster & York PA), you will have to call around and see if you can find some company that knows how to get rid of stink bugs. Companies that treat for stink bugs powerspray with a micro-encapsulated product that leaves a clear residue on the side of your home, killing the stink bugs before they enter your home.

The problem with stink bugs is once they get into your walls, they leave an odor that tells them where to come back, kind of like when a dog leaves it mark. Your problem can actually grow from year to year since stink bugs will increase in numbers over the summer months, then return to "over-winter".

Stink bugs look for heat sources in your home. They come down chimneys, go through air conditioners, get in around windows, doors, vents, you name it. If there is a crack, they will find it! I hear girls say they drop in on them from the bathroom fan, its crazy. So you need to find these sources and treat them with a general spray insecticide before they get in, especially before the fall. If you are seeing them on the inside in the winter, you have waited too long, and you have an uphill battle. But there is hope.

If you are seeing them on the inside and you need to get rid of stink bugs from the inside, you may need a powder or "dust" as the bug guys call it. Insecticide dusts are made to be injected into wall voids to stop stink bugs before they emerge. It is difficult to get rid of stink bugs if you already have stink bugs in the walls, but Delta Dust with a bulb duster works well.

In addition to using a dust, as I mentioned before, it is good to use a micro-encapsulated product, such as Demand CS or Border Insecticide. I get asked all the time, why the micro-cap? It is simple: no other general spray insecticide lasts as long, and kills the stink bugs as well.

If you would like to watch a Dominion Pest Control technician perform a treatment, you may see them on Lancaster Newspapers front page interview here: Getting rid of stink bugs in Lancaster PA. You will not find a pest control company that is as proactive attacking the stinkers as Dominion, so their Stink Bug Package is the best out there.

Although we may never get rid of stink bugs in the entire neighborhood, it is possible to get rid of them from your home. Some companies are just laying down in front of the bus and saying that there is nothing that you can do about them. However, after talking to dozens of ladies, I know that you can if you follow my advice of treating the perimeter of your home.

Since you probably do not own a powersprayer, you will need a hand sprayer that is user friendly, durable and affordable such as a Dura-Sprayer. All these items can be found on Dominion Pest Control's How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Control Package.

Hope this helps! Chow for now!

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