How to Guard Your Kids Against Internet Addiction

Forget about protecting your kids from video game addiction. This problem is no more a topical one. During the last couple of years, everything has drastically changed. What we have now is even bigger and more dangerous than trying to escape video gaming on a daily basis. Internet - that is what taking a toll on kids and teenagers today.

The drug-like effect of the Internet makes people, and especially children addicted to their devices. Almost 1/3 of parents argue daily with their kids over the issue of screen time and Internet, particularly. So, what do parents might want to do in order to navigate the parental control issue and to prevent Internet addiction in the early stages?

Let's have a look.

Raise Your Kids Above Internet and Technology Addiction

It is almost impossible to isolate your children from technology in general in the age of mobile computing, where everything is somehow related to a digital world. But do you really need it? Providing your kid with the ability to understand how everything works from childhood is a great opportunity you have. But enough is enough. Everything has its own limits.

The problem is that to become Internet-addicted is extremely easy, especially for a young person. The only option you have here as a parent is to minimize and control your child's activity online. Statistics show that some children spend over 7 hours a day in front of their computers and smartphones, surfing the net and chatting with their friends online instead of doing it in real life. This number scares a lot. In fact, for a very young kid, any screen time is too much screen time already. Why? It can lead to serious disorders later. Doctors claim it can turn children into psychotic junkies, addicted to the Internet.

Okay, but what specifically can you do if your kid is already somehow addicted to a tablet, smartphone, or laptop? Are there any other ways to control his/her time online except for arguing all day long?

Luckily, many entrepreneurs and developers have already considered the problem of the Internet affecting the children. They've created special programs, which help parents monitor their child's online activity remotely. How does it work? Let us explain it on the example of Kidslox Android app for mobiles and tablets.

  • Get an app;
  • Set a daily limit of screen time for your children (any time you want – 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.);
  • Wait till that time is over and the device is locked down;
  • Block individual apps and websites.

The great news is that it doesn't depend on what smartphone or OS you have, Kidslox iOs app is available for Apple owners as well. But the biggest advantage of these applications is that you don't have to monitor the exact period of time or particular websites by yourself. A smartphone will do it automatically via the application.

In case you want to prevent your kid from becoming a digital zombie, addicted to the Internet, do at least something to minimize his/her time online.

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