How To Handle An Emergency Dental Procedure

A normal visit to the dentist can hold surprises. You could be at an appointment for a standard cleaning and suddenly find out you need a procedure, like needing a filling replaced. A lot of people had cavities fixed as children with silver amalgam fillings, which have an expected lifespan as short as ten years. Many dentists are prepared to handle unexpected situations on the same day. Make sure you’re equally prepared when you have to deal with an unexpected dental or medical procedure.

Dental health can affect major organs

Your body reacts to infections by becoming inflamed, red, and swollen. If you don’t have plaque removed from your teeth regularly, it can cause an infection that can open the door to serious health concerns like respiratory infections, heart disease, and diabetes. You risk developing these conditions by putting off necessary cleanings or missing appointments.

Get a quote

If your dentist recommends an unexpected procedure, take a minute to ask for a price quote. Most dentists can call your insurance company right away to determine coverage. Ask for a copy of the quote in writing so you can see exactly what payments are expected and when. Ask about the materials used and be sure the dentist knows what is required by your insurance to submit the bill. Often, insurance companies require photos or specific diagnoses in order to reimburse.

Don’t put it off

It may be hard to swallow a large bill, but the faster you address the problem, the less expensive it will be. Dental problems escalate quickly, so a simple cavity can turn into a much more expensive root canal if you put it off. Figure out a way to scrape up the extra cash as fast as you can so you don’t get hit with a larger bill later.

Spread out the payments

A dental procedure can hit you hard in the pocketbook, even with insurance coverage. Depending on your health care coverage, a dental procedure can cost several hundred dollars out of pocket. Many responsible people face unexpected dental expenses and need access to cash immediately. With multiple family members, expensive dental procedures can add up quickly.

If you’re in a bind, you can apply for online title loans from the dentist’s chair. You can use the value of your car to get a secured installment loan which you can pay back over a few weeks or months. An auto equity loan allows you to borrow based on the value of your automobile while you continue to drive. In most cases, you can complete the loan process and get cash in one day.


Having a healthy smile is the first step to having a healthy body. Think of your dentist as one of your doctors. In the same way your family doctor provides a wellness check or physical each year, you need to expect the same from your dentist. Don’t put off recommended procedures because of the cost—dental problems can quickly become more serious and more expensive.

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