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How to Have a Valentine's Party Without Hurting the Planet

If you’re the parent of a child in elementary school, you are likely very familiar with the concept of the “classroom party”.  As a mom of three, I spent many years helping to plan and organize these festive events for squirming, giggling kids.  And I loved every single minute of it!

And then after my kids got older, I was working as a Paraprofessional in our local school district, so I was able to enjoy the magic of holiday parties for a bit longer.  At least 3 times per year, the kids would be treated to games, treats, drinks and a whole lot of laughs.  And I can tell you as a parent assigned to the “cleanup crew” and then later as one of the teachers, these parties left a HUGE mess and created a lot of trash.

Think about it:  each child would receive at least one plate, plus a cup, plus at least one napkin, plus plastic flatware, plus a treat bag of some kind filled with more plastic goodies.  Sometimes, we used tablecloths for the treat table and there were lots and lots of paper towels used in the cleanup.

So let’s do the math:  5 items per kid (if not way more) x 20 kids per classroom = 100 items per classroom x 36 classrooms (6 classrooms in our school for each of the Kindergarten thru 5th grade classrooms) = 3,600 items x 3 parties per year = 10,800 items for the landfill.  Wow!!  Don’t even get me started on the decorations!

And that does not include extra cups because someone’s got knocked over, or all the cupcake wrappers, or the candy wrappers from the treat bag, or extra forks and spoons, or paper towels, etc.  And that is one itty bitty school here in the Midwest.  And we do this all over the country year after year after year.  Mind boggling, isn’t it?

That is why I was SO excited when I found a company that creates eco-friendly party products.  The company is called Green Party Goods (visit them at http://www.greenpartygoods.com) and their mission is Planet Friendly Products for Any Celebration.  Brilliant!

They have biodegradable cupcake liners for all types of occasions (parties, showers, weddings) and even eco cupcake towers.  Instead of plastic straws that will end up in a landfill, why not try biodegradable soy ink straws that have been approved by the FDA?

If you are looking for napkins, you can choose from biodegradable and recyclable napkins or paper napkins.  One of the things that I love about Green Party Goods is that they have partnered with companies that replenish the trees that were used to create the pulp for the paper.  This is a very green, responsible business practice.

Looking to “dress up” your party?  No need to worry.  You can choose from recycled table covers, biodegradable, crepe paper garlands, reusable banners, and (get this) biodegradable balloons!  No matter what color you choose for your theme, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re green.

Green Party Goods also offers a line of tableware made from sugarcane fiber, from tapioca fiber or from bamboo.  The sugarcane tableware is plant friendly and biodegradable.  The tapioca line has its fiber “baked”, rather than coated in plastic, and the plant is not destroyed during the harvesting, so it’s a renewable source.  And, the tapioca line is allergen free.  The bamboo line is made from the bamboo stalks, which means that the plant is not affected.  Talk about sustainable!

Green Party Goods also carries eco-friendly toys that do not require batteries (don’t even get me STARTED on how many batteries we dispose of each year) and they come in eco-friendly, recycled packages.  You’ll also find gifts, party favors, bird houses, glassware and more.  Coming across this store was like hitting the jackpot!

If you are a person who loves a good party, shower, backyard BBQ, picnic or just a weekend celebration that won’t leave you with a lot of dishes to wash, Green Party Goods can help you celebrate with style, while maintaining environmental integrity.  Right now, there is a giveaway event happening that you can participate in.  Visit http://ecocupcakestand.com/shabby-vintage-chic-giveaway/.  If you win, you could celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.  Only a couple days left though so hurry to sign up!  You may also visit them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GreenPartyGoods.

And just so you know, I was not paid in any way, shape or form to promote this company.  I’m just a mom with a lot of experience with kids and a HUGE passion for eco-friendly practices.  When I learned of them, I felt it was too important not to share!!

To your health, happiness and upcoming party plans,

Penny at Green Moms and Kids

Photo Credits:  http://www.greenpartygoods.com

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Comment by Penny Roach on February 8, 2013 at 11:13am

You are so welcome.  I'll bet you'll be making LOTS for Valentine's Day.  You'll have to post pictures!!  Make sure you tell Carole at Green Party Goods how you heard about her company.  Happy cupcake baking!!

Comment by Suzanne on February 6, 2013 at 12:14pm

Hey Penny! Love the biodegradeable cupcake liners (I make a lot of cupcakes!) Thanks for the tips and the link! :)

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