How to Help Your Kid to Write Awesome Essays

Parents always want their children to cut a good figure in the exam. But most of the time students can’t get enough marks in essays. Because essay writing is not that much easy and writing to the point is considered one of the most important verdicts to get scholar marks on the essay. In my personal life, I have two kids and they are at the school level. Recently I have noticed that my kids are struggling with their essay writing and getting poor marks continuously.

To help them writing an awesome essay I had followed some tips and tricks to improve their essay writing. Here I am sharing the list of work that I followed to help my kids in writing essays.

Identify Their Problem

If you want to help your kids in writing an awesome essay, then you need to know what kind of problem they are facing in writing an essay. If you can properly identify the problems that your kids are facing at the time of writing an essay it will be a lot easier to help them to improve their essay writing skills.

Enrich the Vocabulary Stock

Most of the time our kids can’t use proper words in a sentence due to the shortage of their vocabulary. Now imagine a situation, your kid is in the exam hall and the essay came to the exam is totally unknown to him what will he or she do? If he or she has a good amount of vocabulary stock, he or she might answer the question. Not only that vocabulary helps to enrich the quality of writing, which will help your kids to draw the attention to the examiner.

As a result, he or she will be able to get a good mark. In a nutshell, I personally think without vocabulary knowledge it is kind of difficult to write an awesome essay. So take some necessary steps to improve your kid vocabulary first in order to help them to write an awesome essay.    

Fix Grammar Errors     

One of the most common mistakes that our kids do in essay writing is nothing but grammatical errors due to this the quality of the essay spoils. If you want to improve your kids writing skills, then you better have to be very careful with grammatical mistakes that your kids are doing and help them with grammar. You can play some educative games and inspire your kids to listen to songs and to read newspapers in order to improve the grammar of your kids.

Sentence Sense

Sometimes kids write an essay with full of sentence errors. If you can explain your kids the rules of sentence structures, then it will be more beneficial to them to understand the rules easily. As a result, it will be easy to write an awesome essay.

Read More

It will be better if you can inspire your kids to read more and more. They should not read-only textbooks, in fact, they should read story books, nobles, literature etc. By reading these things they can improve their knowledge. Moreover, they can understand how an essay should be written and most importantly they can understand the technics how to start and how to conclude an essay which is very important to write an awesome essay.    


The length of the essay is important to get good marks in the exam. You can teach your kids to focus on the quality of writing not on the length of the essay. Because teachers don’t give marks on basis of the length of the essay instead of that they what to justify the depth of your knowledge on that particular subject.

Practice Makes Perfection

Always remember the more practice your kids will do with essay the more perfection they can gain in writing an essay. So you should be taking care of your kids if they are practicing a lot in order to improve the skill of writing an awesome essay.

Online Help  

There are lots of websites which provides tips and sample for writing an awesome essay. If you can make your kids habituate with those websites, then they can visit them and can gain tips to write an essay in a classy way. Moreover, by visiting these educative websites they can utilize their valuable time instead of surfing aimlessly or waste time on social media.

From my personal experience, I can say that you can follow the website named write my essay for me which is a great website to justify your writing skills. So you can tell your kids to follow this website to justify their level of writing.  

Finally, I would like to tell you that improving the skill of writing an essay of your kids is a very easy task if you properly give them quality time and follow these tips and tricks. I hope within a year or less you will see the difference. If you still have any confusion or quarry you can ask me in the comment section. Suggestions from you regarding this topic is also appreciable.

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