Whether it is the first time at school ever, returning from summer holidays or transfer to a new school from the old usual one, many kids find it very hard and stressful to adapt. The reason is often not in their laziness or unwillingness to learn, but quite deeper.

When kids are about to go to school, parents commonly run around buying notebooks and making sure kids have enough books, clothes and other things. What they often forget to provide for their kids is the emotional support. There can definitely be some fear, anxiety and stress your kids are dealing with. Some children are excited, while some fear the parting.

Too much love

If the thought of going to school causes crying and hysterics in your kid, if he looks sad and even sick, it is probably because he is scared of you leaving. You may be both the problem and solution here. This fear of separation can be defined as the unhealthy and tiring affection between parents and kids. It stands on the way of a child acting on his own without parents. It can work another way around when parents suffer from a strong unwillingness to be apart from kids.

Loving your kids is fine; it is the right thing to do. However, giving them too much love can cause different problems in the future. Hidden control that is running with good intentions could be especially dangerous. There is no benefits in tracking your child’s location using mobile apps or hiring professional paper writers to check all his homework. Be ready that your children will have to do things on their own sooner or later and don't be an overprotective parent. It doesn't mean you should stop protecting them at all, though. 

Get ready in advance

The beginning of studying is an emotional experience that requires more thorough preparations than simply planning who will give them the rides and what meals they will take with them. Don't wait till the last moment to get your kids emotionally ready for the whole thing. Talk about school, give them some small exercises and leave them alone to complete them. Make sure your kids realize what is waiting for them.

Kids often go by the emotions of their parents; that is why it is very important for you to demonstrate happiness about school. Nervous parents often pass such negative emotions to children making them anxious. So, get your kids ready for school with enthusiasm. Even if you are nervous, convince your children that you are confident that the school experience will be brilliant for them.

Upbringing without fear

One of the urgent upbringing issues is balancing between protecting your kids and being a helicopter parent. Of course, it is hard to ignore news about kidnapping, but parents who pay too much attention to it, pass this unpleasant feeling to their kids. Sometimes, parents behave in such a way that kids believe they are safe only when parents are around. Rational upbringing means care without making your kids think they will get in danger once they are not with you.

For example, if you are too worried to allow your kid to sleep over at some classmate, suggest him to invite his friends to your house; thus, you know for sure everything is fine. Or, instead of calling your kids to school every half an hour to know how they are doing, you can use technologies to make sure your kid's at school at the moment. Thus, you will know they are fine. Being overprotective is not the worst thing in the world, but you should keep some of this love to yourself so that your kid doesn't feel devastated every time you leave.

As a conclusion, here are some basic dos and don'ts for parents.


- Smile and cheer kids up when you take them to school;

- Leave once the teacher calls the kids for a class;

- Encourage playing with other kids;

- Arrange a calm day schedule.


- Support kid's worries;

- Insist on making new friends;

- Focus on negative aspects;

- Cry when you leave your child at school and stay at the school windows.


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