How To Improve Your Sanity During the Covid Crisis

It’s unbelievable. While it seemed that life was about to finally get back to normal with the gradual opening of states, all of a sudden an uptick in COVID-19 cases has hit the country like a tidal wave. While many governors have vowed not to completely shut down states again many are still not fully opened. And, to many’s surprise some states have even returned to a partial closure. Closures can certainly wear on people’s mental health. Here are ways you can keep sane during the continued shut down. 

Get Outside 

There is nothing quite like getting out in the sunshine. Sun is therapeutic. It releases a hormone called serotonin which is a natural mood enhancer. While we are staying inside it is imperative to either take a walk, a hike, or run. Getting exercise in the sunshine also releases endorphins which gives you a positive feeling all over your body. Serotonin mixed with endorphins can turn any bad day into a wonderful day with just a 30-minute walk or run in the sunshine. And, if you’re not up to exercising outside there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply sitting on the sun in the park. If you’re like most, it feels almost criminal to simply sit and enjoy nature, but that is a great alternative as well. 

Now, also since many gyms and fitness centers are still closed we have to be as creative as possible and who knows: you might continue to get outside to exercise for free instead of paying to exercise indoors. 

Learn a New Hobby 

While we are always indoors we can keep our minds sharp by learning a new hobby. If you have been keeping up with social media you probably heard about how many people are learning how to make bread. It’s been sweeping the nation. It’s a whole process and even yeast was hard to come by for a short time. Bakers and non-breakers alike loved the chance to simply make bread of all sorts. Facebook and Instagram were both alight with mouthwatering photos of bread. Others have learned to knit, sew, or crochet and are showing their final projects off on Instagram. And, still others have started writing or have restarted writing projects that have been on hold for months. Is there a hobby that you want to start while we are still quarantining? 

Take a Class or Join a Seminar

Did you know that you can take classes and seminars on a full array of subjects? You can take classes on subjects that you have wanted to know more about or even classes to help elevate knowledge you have for your job. And, these classes aren’t even hard to find. Thanks to Zoom and Facebook Live seminars seem to be going 24 hours a day. And, self-paced classes are perfect to take up time and keep you disciplined for when you have to get back to the grind of working at the office every day. 

There are also classes where you can get new certifications from online yoga certifications to wellness to nutrition and meditation certifications. One place where you can take classes is the great Mystery School where you can take classes and even workshops to start a new consulting career. So not only can you learn more about your interests, but you can start a new career and even become an even better employee from online learning. 

Just because we are inside more now that there are new virus spikes doesn’t mean that we have to stay bored and not use the extra time at home to our advantage. Learning something new and getting into the best shape of your life are a perfect way to stay sane. And, when you are having some downtime you can enjoy hot tea and coffee in a Luxe Hydration insulated coffee cup and catch up on reality television.

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