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No matter what feeding path you chose for your little one, introducing nuts is scary. And most mamas put it off until absolutely necessary.

But introducing nuts to your babe doesn't have to be a big event. In fact, I have a simple protocol that I used before allowing my daughter to consume any of the major allergens (nuts, eggs, etc).

First off, depending on where you live the guidelines for introducing nuts have changed. Originally we were told not to introduce until three years old. In my opinion, this is absolutely ridiculous. Failing to introduce nuts while babies bodies are still able to develop the enzymes needed to digest them caused a hell of a lot of allergies to develop.

In fact, according to this site 1 in every 13 kids had a nut allergy in 2015. I personally think this is because we waited so long to give our kids nuts that by the time we did, they couldn't develop the enzymes needed to break them down. Our guidelines have since changed back to introducing nuts from 6m-1 year of age (thank god).

But enough ranting.

This doesn't mean you should give your six month old a handful of raw almonds. But it does mean that testing for an allergy and allowing their bodies to develop any required anti bodies might be a good thing.

However, anaphylactic shock is a real possibility with nuts and therefore utterly petrifying to a mama.

So with baby bear I used this protocol:

Anytime I was introducing a new "high allergy" food. I rubbed a little on the inside of her wrist before I let her consume any. After I rubbed it, I left it there for an hour or so to see what happened. The reason I did this was because this way if she was allergic or intolerant she would most likely just break out in hives or bumps on her wrist versus a tightening of her esophagus.

Now some children are so allergic that even touching something can cause their throat to close. Thankfully, we don't have any allergies in the family so I didn't think our odds were high. But this way, at least if she reacted it wouldn't constrict her airway (ideally) immediately.

I actually learned this trick from the book "Gut & Psychology Syndrome" and felt so much better about introducing possible allergic foods.

Also  keep in mind that some kids grow out of intolerances. So if you rub avocado on your babe and notice red bumps later. I would wait a  few weeks and try again. Sometimes their little bodies just need to build up the necessary enzymes and anti-bodies to tolerate the food.

How I Introduced Nuts To My Daughter
Almond butter is her favorite!

After I did all my nut testing on baby bears arm I went in to using nut flours then nut butters. Obviously she is still little so she still can't exactly crunch on raw nuts. However, nuts are an amazing source of healthy fats as well as a few other crucial minerals so I wanted to make sure they were in her diet regularly. Introducing them early and keeping them in her diet has meant that she now digests them well and gets all the good stuff out of them.

How did you introduce nuts to your babes?


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