The garden is one of the most fun places to play as a child. Having been cooped inside all day, the chance to get out and explore in a more natural environment is only ever good for your little ones – assuming the right safety measure have been put in place. Let’s take a look at five ways you can make things a little less risky for the wee ones.

1.     Use sun cream

We usually associate sun cream with holidays on the beach, but it’s important to remember UV rays can strike at any time. Take as many measures as possible to prevent the kiddies getting caught out. There are lots of simple steps which can achieve this, such as:


  • Making them wear a hat
  • Covering them up in long-sleeved clothes
  • Seeking shade as much as possible


However, the simplest is probably cracking out the sun lotion. You should always use sunscreen with a sun factor of at least 15 – even in mild weather which doesn’t seem like it could potentially be dangerous.

 2.     Greenhouses

The glass you’ll find on greenhouses is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a hazard for little ones. Make sure you fit your greenhouses and conservatories with measures which will prevent the children from running into them and potentially being harmed by smashed or cracked surfaces.

You can find several substitutes which are either toughened versions of regular glass, or simply a thin layer of plastic which encases the outside of the greenhouse and ensures no damage is done. Adding further to this safe-proofing method, you can also install a small picket or wooden fence to sit around the outside of. 


 3.     Childproofing ponds

Ponds, or water features of any variety are a lovely addition to a garden, but also sadly pose a major risk-factor to kids. Drowning is not commonplace, but there’s always the chance it can happen when an infant is left unattended around open water.

This should be securely fenced off, or, if there are no other options available, removed altogether. You can’t run the risk of letting a hazard with such deadly consequences remain unmonitored in the middle of your garden.

 4.     Keep chemicals locked away

You might employ the use of a lot of chemicals to deal with the likes of weeds and unwanted roots. These need to be kept well out of the reach of children owing to their poisonous qualities.

It should be relatively simple to do this, with the substances simply needing to be kept in a shed with a locked door, on a high shelf. Remember, most of these types of substances come in brightly coloured bottles – which makes them appealing to younger kids.

5.      Rodents, Snakes and Pests

Sharp objects aren't your only worry in the garden.  You also need to worry about rodents, snakes, and pests such as fire ants and mosquitos.  Fortunately, proper lawn care practices can solve most of these problems. 
Mowing your lawn frequently not only prevents pests but also keeps your grass healthy, too.  Also, remembering to sharpen your lawn mower's blade will prevent diseases from infiltrating your lawn.  Overgrown and unhealthy grass is a red carpet for pests of all shapes and sizes to enter your lawn. Pests that you would rather keep away so you can keep your children safe.


6.     Machinery and tools

Last, but by no means least, you’ll also want to watch out for the possibility of your kids coming into contact with machinery or tools which you may have left lying around. These are dangerous for adults as much as little nippers, so always remember to store items properly and safely after use. 

You’ll hopefully have a better understanding of how to keep your kids safe from disaster in the garden in the future after reading this list. While it’s good to let them play, you’ll always need to pay close attention what they’re doing and what’s lying about in the area. In fact, be sure to teach your little ones that experts can be hired to do everything from landscaping to tree removal. You can get Tree removal quotes and information from The Local Tree Experts. 


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