How to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Net and Monitor Them Online

If you are like most parents, you have been dealing with so much during this pandemic there is so little bandwidth to learn new things. But as moms, we must trudge along in order to provide the safest online and mobile experience for our children as we can. 

Depending on where you live in the country, your children might be in school now or may still be remote learning. If they are remote learning and are using either their own laptop and tablet or a school-issued one, the fact remains the same: kids need to be protected against all of the seedier side of the Net. If you are looking for an easy way to keep your kids safe online and monitor their online use we recommend FamiSafe parental control app. Awarded one of the best parental control apps of 2021, you can try FamiSafe for a three-day trial on Google Play and App Store. FamiSafe also has an #FamiSafeNoPedo Internet safety campaign till Apr,3. 2021. Families who sign and share the family contract can get the chance to win a one-month free license and get the chance to win iPhone 12 mini. 

How to use FamiSafe

Having peace of mind with your children is so important for parents. As your kids grow older and as the pandemic eventually wanes, they will have more freedoms to go out and about. When they are able to go out more with their friends again and enjoy life as kids you will certainly want to know exactly where they are at all times. In fact, tracking your kids’ movements is one of our most favorite Famisafe features at Mom Bloggers Club. In fact, you can set geolocation for their school, for example, and receive a notification when they arrive and leave. You can also track your child wherever they are from the friends’ homes to their sports practices. Say, for instance, your child meets their friends at the mall. By simply checking the FamiSafe app you know where they are at all times. This is wonderful for nervous parents like most of us who are scared to let their children go out especially with so many scary things in the news. 

Additionally, Famisafe allows parents to get many different types of real-time alerts like kids visiting suspicious sites, watching blocked YouTube videos, or installing unknown apps. Place parental controls on your children’s devices as you wish and monitor the sites your children visit and even block the ones you think are a bit too old for them or controversial. 

Some of Famisafe’s other features include: 

  • Review kid's browsing history on Android and iOS
  • Automatically turn on safe search for Google and Bing
  • Turn off in-app purchases on iOS devices (save your wallet! - especially in times like these)
  • Block any apps you’d like on Android and iOS

Over the years we have reviewed many parental apps, but Famisafe is the very best that we have seen and used. The many features it has and its ease of use, make Famisafe a sure bet for parents. 

(Join FamiSafe Internet Safety campaign to get the chance to win FamiSafe one-month free license and iPhone 12 mini  or  try FamiSafe for three-day trial on Google Play and App Store)

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