How To Know If Your Mom Blog is Getting Too Personal

Mom blogs are the number one favorite among single mothers all over the world. Not only are they informative and useful for millions of mommies and families, but they are also highly entertaining and fun to read.

But while momblogs are a great source of income for thousands of single moms, they can also be risky. You see, the best mommyblogs and vlogs tend to have a lot of personal information on them.

While this information is what makes many of these blogs interesting (and funny to read), it can be a nice juicy target for a lot of scammers, hackers, and cyber criminals out there who are looking for just this very thing.

Scammers and hackers can use even the most trivial personal information (such as your address or the names of your family members and pets) to try and rip off your bank accounts or to lure you into frauds.

Other times, hackers can simply steal your identity and commit crimes in your name. The worst case scenario, however, is when these hackers sell your data to criminal organizations, who can organize much worse crimes such as burglaries and kidnappings.For mombloggers everywhere, this is a huge safety risk, and a fear that never truly goes away.

Luckily, you can prevent all of this from ever happening, and that’s exactly what you will learn to do today! These 3 tips are specifically designed to make your blogs less personal and more secure, and are a must for every mommy blogger out there!

Be Careful with the Geo-tag

Geo-tagging or assigning an electronic location tag on photos and videos is extremely common and popular on social media posts such as Instagram photos and YouTube videos. While you can also add a geo-tag on the photos in your blog, it is not always a good idea to do so.

This is true especially for beginners because they are the ones who generally end up writing about everything and everywhere they go.
Yes, it does get you followers, but it also gives a lot of information to people with criminal intentions. And while this information might seem harmless, trivial, or public, hackers and scammers thrive on it.

Everyday information like where you go during your day, which bank you have an account in, which school your children go to, what car you drive, and what restaurant you eat at or order from can be a gold-mine for criminals. Believe me, you do not want anyone other than your closest friends and family knowing all of this.

Don’t publish too quickly

Another common mistake many mom bloggers (both new and old) do is that they publish too quickly. We know that you want to keep your readers engaged, and comment on certain topics before everyone else does. But doing so can seriously put your family, and your blog quality at risk.

This is because many bloggers only look at the number of posts they are putting up in a week, and do not stress enough on what they are saying in their posts. Rushing your post might cause a few mistakes in the content.

Therefore, it is very important to review your work at least twice. If you’re a vlogger, you need to go over your script while you are editing your video.

Even if you’re going live, make sure to keep a checklist of do’s and dont’s in your mind, as well as on a sheet of paper in front of you, to remind you of what you can say and what you cannot.

Keep your audience in mind.

Not getting too personal has a lot of advantages. It can help you make sure that your family is safe from hackers, as well as from embarrassment. Especially if you are writing about your family and friends in your blog.

Think about the people you regularly mention in your blog. Which parts of their life do they want to go public, and which are ones they want to keep private? Do this for your kids too, because many of their friends, or their friend’s parents might be reading the blog. Do you really want your kid to be embarrassed or made fun of at school?

It’s always best to mind the people reading the blogs or caring about your audience and how you can affect their life. You certainly do not want anyone to feel bad about the content of your blog article.

Stay home, stay safe, and keep blogging!

This article was originally posted at Midlife Single Mommy.

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