How To Make A Living Area Cosy For Winter

If you’re planning on entertaining or are pining for a nice inviting living space, you’re going to love creating a warm and cosy living room with these decorating ideas!

Smaller living areas should be less cluttered and fresh feeling with well chosen storage pieces. While larger living areas should have a number of pieces that bring a room together. Whether you have a large or smaller living area these ideas can help you make your room feel warm and comfortable for winter.

The Couch

To make a room feel cosy you want to incorporate nice, large pieces of furniture. Pieces that are going to help fill the room and make it more homely. Having a large inviting couch makes a room more welcoming. It also provides everyone with a spot to sit when entertaining.

Your couch should call to you, beckoning you to sink into it with a warm beverage.

Sofas serve up plenty of seating however, large sofas can feel a bit empty if they’re too far away from each other or the coffee table. Ensure you don’t put them too far apart.

A Fire Place

Nothing screams warm and cosy more than a fireplace! Having a beautiful crackling fire going during the winter welcomes you to snuggle up by the fireplace with some hot cocoa. Even if your don’t have a chimney, an electric one has the same soft and intimate effect.


If you don’t have a lot of natural lighting, create it with lamp shades. Be sure to keep it soft and inviting, nothing too bright and in your face. Soft tone light bulbs provide the perfect aura for an alluring space.


Warm colours are obviously going to create a warmer aura in any room. Warm colours like golden, ochre, brown, red, grey and oranges are ideal. Always go for deep, rich colours, these colours will create a warm feel. In addition, always opt for rich wooden furnishing over lighter wood.

Customise Your Space

Customise your room to make it more homely and personalised to you and your style. If you love reading why not incorporate a bookshelf or bookcase to hold your favourite books and a few picture photo frames of the family.


Large living spaces are made to feel smaller and more cosy with large furniture pieces. L-shaped sofas scream comfort and are inviting to your guests. The TV unit is often the focal point in any living space, something with deep rich wooden colours and additional storage is homely and functional. Another great use of space is putting a few extra chairs on the outskirts of the room for decor. When people come over you can pull them in for more seating.


The best furnishings for a cosy room are pieces that are nice to the touch. Pieces like fur or woolen throw rugs with a number of pillows that you want to cosy up to on the couch. Avoid shiny or silky looking and feeling materials in your living space as these will give the opposite effect. Opt for heavier curtains as they will pull the room together and a large fluffy rug that is soft under foot, especially if you have tiles or floorboards. 

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