How to Make Money Online as a Stay at Home Mom

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Taking care of a tiny human who depends on you for pretty much everything is one of the toughest jobs in the world. From trying to figure out why your kid's fingers are sticky yet again (they always seem to be), to juggling the chaos that your house turns into on a daily basis, being a mom gets absolutely exhausting. Scattered toys on the floor, lunch that you accidentally over-salted and now you can't go back, the temper tantrums that always seem to happen when you're in the supermarket and have to explain to your child why a pack of gummy bears isn't considered a nutritional meal, the list just goes on.

Kids will always be your blessing of course, but they seem to be a particularly expensive kind of blessing. Between an abundance of diapers and toys, or an extensive list of school supplies and soccer classes, being a parent these days requires a lot of money. For all you brave moms out there who are looking to either help support the family finances or just want some more cash to treat themselves, we offer a few ways that you can earn while being a full-time mom.

  • Start an at-home business

Are you a good baker? Do you do arts and crafts constantly? Do you knit, or sew, or maybe you have some bookkeeping skills? What are you good at? A mom who's well-organized and has an entrepreneurial spirit could easily start a business if given enough direction. Perhaps you know how to make beautiful beaded jewelry? You could sell it on sites like Etsy for a quick buck, or you could even start developing your own site and start a real business.

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  • Sell old clothes and toys

Kids grow out of things really fast, and unless you have another child to inherit all the excess clothes and toys, they will mostly be going to waste. Instead of letting it all sit in some musty old box in the back of your basement, why not sell it? Take a picture of the item you no longer need, and post it online using apps like letgo. Get rid of things that are taking up space in your home and earn cash to boot!

  • Do online surveys

This is probably the easiest way ever to earn money because it requires almost no special effort and pretty much anyone can do them. If you're a mom who's looking to earn a few bucks, doing paid surveys online is a great option. You'll either be getting paid through PayPal or by earning vouchers for some of your favorite brands, so it's a really fool-proof way for you to grab some nice cash.

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  • Start writing

If you're talented and think that you have something to say, start writing. Starting a blog is a great option for creative moms, and don't worry – you don't need to be particularly tech savvy to do it. You can learn as you go along, because there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make your blog posts really shine, and how to use tools like WordPress to your advantage. If you think you've got it in you, you could also write a whole novel. Trust us, if you have the urge to write, put it to use. It will feel really good to get your thoughts down on paper, and it's a good way to make a job out of something you feel passionate about.

Becoming a mom means different things to different people. Having money that you've earned yourself is still a great way to boost confidence and feel more independent, and if you organize it right, your work can become something that inspires you and pushes you to be an even better mother, an even happier woman.

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