When you are in management, you must know how to make people work, what needed to be done. Sometimes you will feel that if you do it, it will be done in much better way. But remember, you have limited time, you have another task to do. And, other people also must learn to work.

It’s not easy to make people work in time and efficiently. Some people are very honest and dedicated in their work. If you teach them how the work supposes to be done, they will always follow that. But some are not like that. They may don’t want to follow your instruction, want to put you down, or just lazy.

 Some people don’t need to be told, they know what they must do, and they make it happen. Again, some people are not like that, you must ask them to do it, other wise they will think, you didn’t notice so they can escape the work.

Some listen after one reminding. Some need to be told again and again. Few people are more disturbing, you must work them, other wise they won’t work.

As a manager you must know, with whom you can relay. It’s difficult to run a business with lazy and dishonest people. But this is the real world, you must live with them.

Personally, I don’t like to ask people more than once to do any task. Especially at home, I ask once. If that person listens, fine. Otherwise If I can make time, I will do it by myself, if can’t then let it be unfinished.

In work, I will suggest finding a way, which people will listen, try to change work responsibility, add some reward. I listen to people, so that they will listen to me too. These tips may work.

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