How to Make Your Home More Green in 4 Step

Living a green and sustainable lifestyle is no easy feat. But the good news is that there are a ton of ways to make small steps toward more green living. Now that our homes have become the workplace, a school, a gym, and our favorite new restaurant, it is time to invest in them and make them more suitable for the future of our planet. So, when it comes to making your home greener, where should you start? We have a few ideas for how you can find success with sustainability. Let’s get started!

Analyze your carbon footprint

A great first step to green-ify your home is to analyze your carbon footprint. Whether you just moved in, or you have lived there for a while, a lot of the questions remain the same. How often are you using single-use plastics in your home, do you use a lot of electricity, do you use reusable products, do you recycle? These are all great questions to start asking yourself and figuring out the answers to. 

Then, think about those parts of your life that need improving, and research how you can make positive changes and updates. Awareness and understanding are the best first steps you can take on your sustainability journey, especially in the home, since we spend a lot of our time there. Set up a plan to get you started on your green path and achieve your goals.

Upgrade your home

There are of course so many upgrades you want to make to your home, but does anything on that list include making it more eco-friendly? Adding solar panels, upgrading your windows to be more energy efficient, or redoing your roof to make sure it is fully weather and storm resistant are just a few of the eco-friendly upgrades you might implement. If none of that was on your list before, it may be time to add it on there now. 

One of the most effective upgrades you can make is installing solar panels for home, because these will really change your energy game. Though it seems like a hefty fee, the amount of money you will possibly save in the long run can make the upgrade worth it. Plus, saving the planet is a worthy cause. 

Cut back on single-use products

Though paper and plastic products are extremely convenient, they aren’t that great for the environment, as they create unnecessary waste and refuse. So, the time has come to ditch the single-use items, and make sure your home is outfitted with reusable essentials to use on a daily basis. 

Investing in a sturdy plate set, reusable silicone bags, or cloth napkins will not only save you from creating waste in your home, but it can help you save money as well. By not spending money every month on wasteful items, you will be saving your checking account and the planet at the same time. Additionally, without those products, you can live a healthier lifestyle by not using products that leech harmful chemicals into your food, and then into your body. You just can’t go wrong with cutting back on single-use items.

Add plants to your home

Ok, this one not only gives your home more life and nature, but it literally makes it more green. By adding plants to your home, you are contributing to the earth and enabling it to create more oxygen for us to breathe. Plus, household plants can help to purify the air within your home. This means you are directly impacted by this home upgrade. If you are nervous about having another life to take care of, research plants that are easy to maintain, or just go straight for a succulent species. They are nearly indestructible, and can easily be brought back to life if they get close to kicking the bucket. 

Know that even small steps are beneficial steps towards a more sustainable and greener lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to go for it, and make a change. The earth will thank you.

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