It is now roughly six months into the COVID-19 global pandemic and while some kids have started school many have not. That means there are plenty of children who are using technology not only for remote learning but also for entertainment. 

The pandemic has taken its toll on many, kids included. Like most of us adults, kids are prone to spending hours upon hours on their phones, laptops, and tablets due to sheer boredom simply from being at home for so long. That puts parents in a difficult position because they don’t want to completely take away their kids’ tech, but they don’t want their kids to be all consumed with their tech either. Parents simply want to monitor their kids’ screen time as much as possible. It’s at times like these that resources are instrumental. Here at Mom Bloggers Club we try to provide as many educational resources as possible. To monitor your kids’ screen time we highly recommend iphone parental controls in the FamiSafe Parental Control App. It is one of the best parental control apps for iphone as well as android. It is also perfect for setting controls on Youtube. You probably didn’t know you can monitor your kids’ Youtube viewing, but you can. 

Once you have downloaded the FamiSafe app on your phone and have connected all of your kids’ mobile devices there are several things you can do such as monitor your kid’s geolocation, block apps, set time limits on how much they can use apps, filter through malicious and questionable content, block website, as well as monitor Youtube. 

If your kids are like most, Youtube is one of their favorite online destinations. But there is a whole host of content on Youtube that is not appropriate for children such as viral videos with dangerous and unsafe challenges and content that is only intended for mature adults. Youtube also houses violent content and pranks that are not age-appropriate. FamiSafe has Youtube parental controls and allows you to shut the Youtube app down on your kids’ devices if you would like, filter through content, and set the times when they can use it. In other words you can watch everything your kids do on Youtube and monitor your children accordingly. 

One thing parents should get used to is being comfortable monitoring their kids’ technology use. Some parents think that it might be an invasion of their kids’ privacy, but in reality it can keep your children safe. There are so many dangers online and predators are getting more crafty by the day. We have all heard the nightmare stories of children who get tricked by a predator and then lure them out of their house.  Online predators know that children are easy prey and they also know that many parents oftentimes don’t effectively monitor their children’s online activity. In fact, they count on it. FamiSafe allows parents to be smarter than the predators. 

Using FamiSafe is incredibly easy. You simply download the app on your phone and on your children’s devices. From there, you can set the protections you would like such as how much time you would like them to use their mobile device, the apps they are allowed to time y There is a 3-day free trial to test it out. After using if for a few days it is likely you will want to purchase it. The cost is $9.99 per month or $19.99 quarterly and $59.99 for a year. Depending on the plan you choose you can link up to 30 devices to your account.  

What we love the most about FamiSafe is that you can track your kids’ movements. You can set  a geolocation for their school, for example, and receive a notification when they arrive and leave. You can also track your child wherever they are. This is one of the features that gives parents peace of mind. Say, for instance, your child joins their friends at the mall. By simply checking the FamiSafe app you know where they are at all times. This is wonderful for nervous parents who are scared to let their children go out especially with so many scary things in the news. 

We also love that you have control over your kids’ use of their phones when they are doing homework or when they need to be sleeping instead of scrolling through their phone. 

While many parents long to trust their children with contracts trusting their children about how they are expected to use their devices, many kids are addicted to technology like many of us and it becomes hard for thm. Family contracts are great, but control over your kids’ mobile device use is even better. 

While there are many parental control apps out there, FamiSafe has so many features that we think it is one of the best we have seen. Download FamiSafe on Android and iPhone and Amazon

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