How to Obtain a Teaching Visa for Korea

If you decide to teach English in Korea, then first thing you need is a teaching Visa approved by the Korean Embassy. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can obtain a teaching visa to teach English in Korea…

How long does it take to get an E2 visa to start teaching in Korea?

From the time that you have all of your documents ready to be sent to Korea, it will take 3-5 business days to get to Korea, and about another week to two for the processing to be done there.

Once the first part of the process is completed, you then take or send your documents to the Korean consulate. Completing the visa from this point usually takes 3-5 days. Since none of these offices can guarantee exactly how long they will take to process documents, we usually tell our teachers to start getting prepared 3-4 months in advance to be safe. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated – we’re here to help you each step of the way.

How long will it take to process my application?

You should ideally give yourself 3-4 months to prepare, as delays in this process are somewhat unavoidable. If you have the necessary documents at your disposal, the entire visa process takes about 4-6 weeks. It is also important to note that there will be further delays with the Korean consulates as well as the immigration offices in Korea during the summer when we receive the largest number of applicants.

What are 'Officially Processed' transcripts and where do I get them?

Transcripts are required to authenticate your degree. Officially processed transcripts are required by Korean immigration so as to avoid anyone from acquiring a visa with fake documents.

These transcripts can be ordered from the registrar office at your university and need to be in a sealed envelope, with the stamp, seal or crest of the university covering the seal of the envelope to show that it has not been opened. Beside this stamp, there needs to be a signature and a date from the person in the registrar office who is issuing these to you. Any deviation from this will result in your application not being processed by immigration.

How much are the visa costs to teach English in Korea?

The cost of the visa on the teacher’s end is paid for by the teacher and the costs in Korea are paid for by the school. All tolled,  you are looking at around $400 which covers the costs of your background check, document approval, courier and consulate fees. Your Placement Coordinator will point you in the right direction as to where to obtain the necessary documents.

Teach English in Korea Programs

Why should I use a recruiting agency?

There are many positives that you can gain from working with an honest recruiting agency. To start, we inform you of everything that we feel you need to know about teaching in Korea, as well as how your life is going to be there. We don’t sugar-coat or skip over details just to get you to sign a contract; conversely, we are straight with you as to what you can expect during your time in Korea.

We also guide you through the entire hiring and visa process so that you are fully aware of what you need to do. When your visa is complete, we will arrange your plane ticket for you as well as get you from Incheon Airport in Korea to your school. Finally, we will assist you and answer any questions that you may have at any point during your entire contract. Again, all of this comes at no cost to you. To put it simply, we base our business on honesty, which we believe is the most important factor in this industry.

How much is the placement cost to find a teaching job in Korea?

Through Travel and Teach, it’s 100% free! We don’t charge our teachers anything for our services, as we get compensated by our schools in South Korea. There are some agencies who charge anywhere from $500-1000 to provide the exact same services that Travel and Teach provides for free.


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