How To Overcome The Health Struggles News Mothers Face?

Being a mother is amazingly fulfilling, isn’t it? You made a human being! You carried it around for 9 months, and now it is finally in your warm embrace, suckling at your teat. You have utterly and thoroughly fallen in love with the pink miracle of life that you rock to sleep every night. The cuteness never escapes your notice, and you feel like you have won the jackpot because you gained this life that gives you so much happiness and makes you content. Yes, soak it all in, becoming a mother triggers an array of unexplainable emotions; you just have to live in the moment; having a baby can be such a rewarding experience. Excitement, joy and unfathomable eternal love are some of the things you are pouring into this bundle of joy which has perfectly taken over your life.  If you are feeling these emotions consider yourself lucky. Some mothers face a lot of stress and health struggles; this article can give you some encouragement and guidance to wellness. Below there are some hurdles that new mothers face and also some recommendations as to how one can overcome them.

-    Baby blues are indeed prevalent among new mothers, but how does one cope with postpartum depression which happens to be a long term mood killer. 1 in 7 mothers are plagued by postpartum depression. Most of these mothers don’t even notice what they have, and even more mothers don’t bother addressing their issue and it remains untreated. Postpartum depression disappears on its own only in rare scenarios where the mother can consider herself lucky and move on. It is crucial that a new mother reaches out to healthcare clinics or her OBGYN for solutions. It is indeed no one’s fault and struggling with it alone can be construed as unwanted self-harm.

-    You need to build an unbreakable, admirable bond with your baby. It is a way of secure attachment that develops between a mother and her child. It makes a child feel safe in its mother’s cuddle. It also helps develop an intuition of your baby’s needs like emotional cues, soothing them when they are crying, and more.

-    Smiling can go a long way with your child. The baby loses a reflex smile and will give you its first real smile when it reaches 8-12 weeks of age. Research has proven that when a mother sees her baby smile, it makes her undoubtedly happy and the areas of her brain that are associated with gaining rewards, lights up like a Christmas tree.

-    Sing to your baby; it has many benefits. It provides them with sensory stimulation which helps them focus their attention on a particular visual sight or sound.

-    Taking care of their own wellbeing is another imperative measure that most mothers tend to overlook. They are so incredibly invested, and into the needs of their baby, they don’t give a second thought to their own needs.

Well, mothers of all ages don’t do that. Your health is also essential because if your health gets a little messed up, who would be there to care for your infant child? If you take care of what you need and your health, you are providing your baby with a healthy and caring mother.

Consume Omega-3; it lowers your risk of postpartum depression. It is rich in fatty acids which are found in fish like salmon and herring.

-    You surely have heard the phrase “sleep when your baby sleeps” haven’t you? It should be promptly followed because you may take longer to sleep and your quality of sleep affects your days.

-    Expose yourself to sunshine and slowly introduce exercise into your life. When your baby gets old enough, you can put him/her in a stroller and go for a jog in the fresh air where the sunlight touches your skin. A park would be the perfect setting for this activity. Grab your husband along as well.

-    Pampering yourself is not a crime. You deserve it. Catch up on some of your favorite shows, take a calm and peaceful bubble bath, well lit with some scented candles and relax with some of your favorite songs.  

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