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Are you looking for an SEO Forum? There are tons to pick from so it can be tough to select the right one for your particular needs. Here are some of the key issues to take up in order to make a good choice: 

1. Experience

It’s generally better to look for SEO forums that have been around for several years or even a decade. This shows the site has been popular enough to stay online over the years. Meanwhile, if you visit startup forums you might have a good experience but it’s less likely than when a forum has been around a long time and established itself as one of the top ones in the industry. That’s certainly a forum worth considering. 

2. SEO Tools

This is a great feature you can sometimes enjoy when you access SEO forums. These tools can help with areas like traffic, conversions, and sales. The tools are also sometimes offered free, which is another plus. What’s important is there’s a wide variety of SEO tools offered on forums so this provides you with many ways to boost your rankings in Google search results, for example. Make sure to think about the types of SEO tools your company needs to make it easier to find the right ones offered at forums. 

3. Niche

You might want to look for an SEO Forum that features a particular niche. There’s so many forums online you can probably find one. In fact, there are so many SEO forums you can find the right SEO niche if you do enough research. This will provide info, tips, news, etc. in your niche, which in turn improve your company’s SEO. 

4. Search

This is a must-have resource to look for on forums. If you’re looking for certain thread topics you can use the search function to find them quickly and efficiently. It’s definitely a better option than manually sifting through the site’s threads and posts. This can take tons of time and isn’t a very practical option when you want to find specific topics on a forum. 

5. Categories

You should also review the different categories at the forum. For example, you might be looking for threads on certain topics like social marketing, PPC/paid ads, and so on. When forums have more categories it will be more likely to find the info you’re looking about particular topics. Meanwhile, if the forum only has a few categories it will be less likely and that’s a situation you won’t want to be in. 

6. Threads/Posts

It’s also worth noting the general number of threads/posts on the site and how often new threads are started. These are critical issues because you’ll likely want to look for fresh topics instead of yesterday’s news. If forums are interesting and innovative then they’ll likely have tons of threads and posts. These are the kinds of forums you should look for since it will give you access to more news and information. That can help to produce the best results since you’ll have the most info.



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