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How to Prepare Diet Chart for Athlete Kids

Nutrition is inevitable for the smooth functioning of human body; wherein our bodily needs pertaining to nutrition varies from the other. When it comes to nutrition for kids, parents need to be more aware of their kids’ nutrition fulfillment.

Kids are generally active in physical activities and so require adequate intake of proteins and vitamins in their diet. The dose of daily intake of nutrition changes when the child is an athlete or preparing the body in the pursuit of any physically demanding sport.

Diet is a prominent part of an athlete’s life – especially a growing one. Good and healthy eating habits go a long way to ensure best performance by the athlete.

Preparing a diet chart for the child, in this case, would help and make a lot of difference. It will not only guarantee timely and adequate intake of nutrients, it will also define a well-balanced and disciplined lifestyle.

To prepare a balanced diet chart for kids, you must first ascertain their daily nutritional requirements. It is important that the kid gets the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, and vitamins from their daily meals. For all those parents who constantly worry about how to prepare diet chart for their athlete kids, here are some points to consider:

  • Vitamin D and Calcium

Bone health for athletes cannot be stressed enough. Strong bones are extremely important for the athlete to perform better. This is where Calcium and Vitamin D come into play. Both of these go hand in hand and each is incomplete without the other.

To absorb the calcium, the body needs to get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Sunlight is the biggest known source of Vitamin D. Some athletes even go for supplement if the Vitamin D levels are low.For calcium, the kids need to incorporate milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables, soya beans, fish and nuts in their diet.

  • Protein

Another important nutrient, protein replenishes the cells in the body and generates new ones. Protein essentially builds muscle mass in the body. It is important that athlete kids have something in their meal which fulfills their daily requirement of protein in the body. Some of the major sources of protein are soy products, milk and milk products, nuts and seeds, lean meat and seafood as well as eggs.

  • Hydration

Athletes lose a lot of salts and water in the sports which needs to be replaced recurrently. Missing on this one can take a toll on the energy levels of the kid which will impact their performance. While it is not necessary to swig on fancy sports drinks full of artificial sugars, it is really important to have good amount plain simple water after every high-intensity performance. Some of the options for liquid intake, which will ensure maximum hydration, are milk, juice that is freshly squeezed from fruit, lemon water or coconut water.

These are some basic requirements regarding the nutrition of athlete kids. Taking care of these prime points will certainly help your athlete kids to perform better.

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