How To Prepare Your Child For School In England If You’re Based Abroad

With the UK’s schools rising in the international rankings and the country being home to some of the world’s top ranked universities, it’s no wonder that many parents around the world are keen to send their children to school in England. 

If you’re keen to get your child accepted into a school in England and want to help them adjust to their new life, then here are some helpful tips. Whether you want to send them to a private school to improve their chances of success or you’re looking to send them to an English college to see more of the world, this article will help you to prepare them and give them a prosperous start to their English learning experience. 

Choose The Education Establishment That’s Best For Them

Every child learns differently and has their own unique set of needs, so it’s important that you identify what your child requires from their school before you start exploring the options available. There are a variety of different schools in the UK, so there should be something to suit your child, but it will take time and effort to choose the best one for them. Take the time to review all of the options before you create a shortlist of establishments you’d like to visit. 

Consider If Sending Them Overseas Is A Viable Option

More important than the school that they should attend is the question of whether or not studying abroad is a good idea for your child. Some children are not suited to moving away from their home, friends and family, so take the time to communicate with your child and establish whether or not they will benefit from travelling to England for school or if they will be better off learning closer to home. 

Sharpen Their English Skills

If English isn’t your child’s first language, then it’s important that you help them to learn to speak English fluently so that they do not face challenges when they arrive in England to undertake the next step in their educational journey. A great way to immerse your child in the English language is to send them to a summer school English learning programme in the UK. You can visit to find out more about the range of summer learning opportunities on offer.  They have homestay accommodation options too for children travelling alone which is worth looking into.

Apply For Their Place

Having established which school you would like to send your child to, you need to apply for a place on their behalf. Visit the school with your child to get an overview of what it is like and check that it is what you want for them, and then apply with your child so that they can understand the process. This will make them feel involved and give them the chance to learn more about their new school. 

Get Everything They Need Together

Once their place has been confirmed at their new school, you need to get your child ready by packing everything they could possibly need. Most schools will give you a list of equipment, so follow this and add a few items from home so that your child doesn’t get homesick. Be prepared so that you have everything ready for them before they leave, meaning that they won’t have to rush around just before they set off. 

Keep In Touch With Them

Children who go to boarding school in a new country will be completely isolated from everything they know, so it’s important that you keep in contact with them throughout their education experience. This will make them feel connected to their home and mean that you can monitor their mood and check that they’re adjusting well to life in their new school. Most private education establishments allow students to use electronic devices on weekends and during downtime, so you’ll be able to keep up to date with your child’s latest exploits and ensure they’re settling in. 

Stay Informed About UK Private Schools

As your child enters into this exciting chapter in their life, it can be hard for you as a parent to stay on top of everything they’re doing and understand their needs. If you don’t have any experience of UK private schools and aren’t sure about what the atmosphere is like or what the expectations are, then read publications specifically designed for the parents of private school pupils in the UK. Being proactive and learning about private schools is beneficial for both you and your child, as it will allow you to support them and help you to rest easy that your precious offspring is in safe hands. 

Sending your child to England for an education is a nerve-wracking experience for any parent, but by following these tips you can prepare them and ensure that they get the most out of this unique opportunity. 

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