How to prepare your family for a move into a period home

Moving home is a stressful time for anyone and it doesn't matter whether you're moving for work, maybe to get into an area with a good school, or just to move either onto the property ladder or up a step to a larger place.

It's common for people to want to move into a modern home, especially one that has been newly constructed. In many cases, you can look at the floor plans, decide on carpets, coverings and finishes, and the types of appliances that you want as part of the deal, including your electrical, heating and cooling systems.

If is it should be, a new home has been constructed well, you shouldn't have to worry about the costs of maintenance for quite some time.

Yet there are many buyers who hanker after something a little different from the rows and rows of identikit boxes and decide to plump for buying a period home.

What do you need to organize for moving into a period home, and is it any different to moving into a modern one? Keeping your family safe is absolutely essential, Fast Keys are specialists in locks and keys so keeping your home secure is sorted.

Planning the move

You've bitten the bullet, found an older home that everyone's happy with and so need to work out what your priorities are. A good realtor will have discussed the pros and cons with you, so you should be prepared initially in terms of what you need to do for moving in.

Bear in mind that when you're looking to compare prices, though they vary from state to state and area to area, a period home can be less expensive than a new build. New homes are constructed with different materials from older ones, in particular using energy-efficient products that can push the price up because they cost more to build.

A period home, for the most part, will have higher-quality construction because they were built to last. Take walls as an example. Older homes are likely to have been built with plaster and lathe as opposed to the drywall structure of modern homes, making them structurally stronger. The materials used can increase levels of insulation and be more soundproof than thinner walls.

It's important to take time to scope out the home to be aware of any potential problems that may be lurking. You may have thought that it was a nice idea, but if you haven't had the experience before, you need to do your homework.

Check all aspects of the home before you buy

Common worries on buying and moving into a period home often relate to the physical state of the building and its appliances. A well-maintained home will look good and be attractive, but you should explore issues such as the possibility of old pipework and consequently burst pipes if there is insufficient insulation, or whether walls are decaying or may be likely to in the future.

The roof needs to be examined to see if there are loose tiles that need replacing to ensure that everything is watertight, and floors should be checked to see if there are worrying signs of wear and tear.

For the most part, you probably won't have many problems. Owners of period homes generally take a pride in maintaining them well, and as long as you know as much as possible before buying, you could be on to a winner.

Another aspect that may be worrying is the state of the appliances and systems if they are old. They may be functioning, but you should look to protect yourself from anything going wrong that could cost you a lot to put right.

Home warranty security

You can cover everything that’s required by taking out a home warranty plan, and a plan comparison tool will let you weigh up your best options. The benefits are enormous because the cover that you can get ranges from all your home’s systems, including air-con, plumbing and heating through to all your appliances both large and small.

You can opt for a basic plan that covers most essentials or a total plan that covers everything and then add optional extras such as a second refrigerator or stand-alone freezer.

If you're looking for peace of mind when moving into a period home, a good home warranty will deliver that for you.

Cut the hassle

Prepare well for your move, address any concerns that you may have, and ensure that you are well protected when you finally move into your dream period home. It will cut right down on the hassle.

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