How to Prepare Your Home for Your First Baby's Arrival

You do not have to wait for your Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) to arrive before you start preparing for the arrival of your baby, neither should you wait until you start feeling the urge of labor. Early preparation will ensure that you are not caught unawares.

Check below for some of the simple things you can do to get the home ready in preparation for the arrival of your baby. 

Carry out the safety exam

The safety exam indicates how safe or not your home is.  Bear in mind that the baby will grow with time and will want to crawl all over the place. The safety exam ensures that things that can hurt the baby are detected and taken out of the way. The baby can crawl into your kitchen when not been watched and open cabinets; tales of woe may follow if the cabinets contain toxic chemicals. The kid becoming mobile may seem like forever, but it will come before you know it; babies seem to become mobile overnight!

Consequently, you should prepare ahead of time.  The British Association of General Paediatrics is of the opinion that you should remove all cleaning products from places where the baby can access them, including dishwasher pods. They also suggest that parents should remove medications from the reach of children.

Repair all locks and pipes

Do you have any broken lock or leaking pipe in the home? You should get them repaired long before the baby arrives. You can call on plumbers in Bishops Stortford to help with the repair if you do not know how to do it. They can also help to troubleshoot the tubing and piping in the home, as well as detect those early signs of future damage.

Consequently, they can get the problem repaired long before it even happens. Fixing damaged pipes and tubing by yourself may be a good idea, but you should not attempt it if you are not trained as a plumber. Broken pipes can cause water spillage, which may hurt your baby as he crawls all over the place.           

Concerning broken pipes, it is suggested that you should use magnetic locks on cabinets for active locking; this is essential especially if the cabinet is not out of reach.  The installation is simple, and this type of lock never pinches the fingers.

Handling firearms

Do you have firearms in the home? You should get rid of the ammunition and lock the ammo away in a safe place. Do not keep the ammunition and the gun in the same place. Also, the keys to the lock for the ammunition should be kept in a separate place from other keys in the home.  You do not need the help of plumbers & heating engineers to do this for you; you can do it by yourself. Furthermore, it is a good idea to install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home while preparing for the arrival of your baby. 

Prepare for visitors

Aside from the preparations mentioned above, you also need to prepare for the visits of family and friends, who may want to sleep overnight in your home after the arrival of your baby. This preparation should also be done long before the baby arrives. Preparing ahead of time removes the need to race around looking for towels or sheets when you arrive at home from the hospital, which will of course not be convenient.  Other important things to stock up against the visit of family and friends are to let papers, toothbrushes and even toothpaste. Also, you can add an extra fan to the room and change the sheet.

  • Always remember the red zone
  • Some of the red zones to consider are:
  • Toothbrush holders
  • Cutting boards
  • Refrigerator handles
  • Countertops
  • Faucet handles
  • sponges
  • stove knobs
  • dish rag
  • kitchen sinks

Clear the countertops of dangerous items and also keep other things that may be of danger to the kid in safe places where he cannot reach them. Also, sanitizing wipes should be used in wiping off countertops am the wiping should be done periodically.

Do the laundry

One other thing you must do before the baby is born is to do your laundry. Never leave dirty clothes lying around. Make sure everything is sparkling clean long before the baby arrives those labels or tags that can irritate the skin should also be removed. Also, choose your detergent carefully your detergent of choice must not contain perfumes or dyes that may hurt the hands or eyes.  Be wary of those detergents that may have a harmful impact on infants.


The points mentioned above can get you ready for the arrival of your baby. Many of the points mentioned above are things you can do by yourself without anybody's help. However, preparations involving piping and tubing should be handed over to trained professionals; plumbers in Bishops Stortford can be of help in this regard if you reside in this locality.     


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